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Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Arrid, Jul 16, 2008.


    BobCajun Well-Known Member

    Actually I would recommend two PC fans for a 1/2 sq m cab/tent. One on each end. I only put one on one end. That alone was a pain in the ass so I only did one each. These weren't designed as grow tents, but as clothes storage units. I had to do everything myself to convert it.

    Like I said, there's still a little smell but nothing too serious. Besides, I only have two 12v power supplies. I had 3 but I burnt one out from a short. If it ever happens to anyone you'll know by the smell that it's heating up. I took too long to figure out what is was. I thought it was my air purifier. Good thing I still had 2 left. They all came from PC peripherals that are outdated and never used anymore. Some peripherals have 16v and some have 12v. The 16v ones make them run too noisy.
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    Huckster79 Well-Known Member

    I made my own quite simply by taking a 3 gal bucket inserting dryer vent tube hooked to vent fan- took some metal screen and sewed a Roy d bag size of bucket filled it with activated carbon. Drilled holes on bottom of bucket and filled bucked part way w regular charcoal- set the screen bag on it and set it in a pan filled w pinesol on stilts so it bucket did t get wet but outgoing g air would pass over the pinesol....

    Worked like a charm when it started not working ass well I pulled the lid replaced regular charcoal w fresh- put my screen bag in oven for a few hours on 300- no odor to house from it. Put it back together and worked great again...

    I figured any remnant charcoal didn't get would be masked by the pine..

    No engineer but it was a $15 solution that worked for me
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    Sal Baretta

    Sal Baretta Active Member

    It's prob cheaper to just buy one and works way better I have 3- 6 inch inline fans with can 66 filters and one 12 inline fan in the center of room hanging with a can filter... Smells like fresh pussy in there.

    Huckster79 Well-Known Member

    I doubt it the filters alone are 100 bucks on up... Mine works just fine. And honestly i'm a mmj growing just for me, the tinkering is part of the fun and hobby of it for me. I'm sure if someones large scale then sure commercialized products would obviously fit the need better. For me, I'll take my hand tools, duct tape, drill, a lil creativity and a lil willingness to research some copy cat models...
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    Sal Baretta

    Sal Baretta Active Member

    Good luck huckster.. Not knocking you but your right if small scale it's cool but anything over 50 plants would need some real odor control especially if your growing in a condo with 12 other tenants lol and no I don't live there the girls do.
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    Huckster79 Well-Known Member

    For sure sal! No offense taken at all! Completely agree! I would not attempt this on large scale... It's for the small time do it yourself grow for yourselfer type. My engineer fails often till I get if figured out and tweaked no way you could risk that learning curve time in set up as you describe.
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    Sal Baretta

    Sal Baretta Active Member

    You should look into a 4 inch inline fan with filter can't be that much maybe 80$ and it would keep your closet cool and fresh but you need fresh air to cone in....good luck bro..kiss the UNITED STATES FOR ME.

    Cannacat Well-Known Member

    I've just bought one of these off ebay:

    I wasn't expecting much from it but I couldn't afford the full size anionizer with all the trimmings so I thought I'd give the little one a chance, it was only £15. My white widows don't really smell anyway and I'm not expecting them to become too overpowering but I did want to be prepared, just in case. I've also stocked up on various forms of air fresheners in case they should be needed. So the purifier arrived today and I've had it on in the living room on turbo for a couple of hours. In my living room are my pet rats, and it's probably a few days past cleanout day if I'm honest but I ran out of the hemp bedding I use in the litter trays, so it's getting a bit ripe. That's tonight's job. Anyway, I've just been in there and realised there is not even the slightest whiff of ammonia, in fact the air smells shiny and fresh. I'm really impressed, I totally wasn't expecting it to be any good cos it was much smaller than I was expecting and I thought it was gonna turn out to be cheap tat! I don't know yet if it'd be any good for a decent cannabis crop, time will tell, but for now I am very impressed, cos removing every hint of all the 9 rats, including the 2 lazy stinky boys, and the permanent aroma of wet dog that lingers while the weather is so foul, is not an easy feat and nothing else has ever managed it to anywhere near this degree, and I can't tell you how many joss sticks I get through!
    I don't know if it'd be any good to anyone else here anyway, but I figure it's only right to share the information with the community and hope it comes in handy for someone :peace:
    Dan Lang

    Dan Lang Member

    Any pictures? ?

    subgrounds Active Member

    Two questions. One, i just bought a 6"-4" duct reducer piece to attach a 4" carbon filter to my 6" hydrofarm inline. I've of course heard the HUGE taboos against this, but you know what? It works pretty fucking well, and I didnt have to pay for the filter. So, any thoughts on that?

    Secondly, though I do not live with my parents, my flowering chamber is located within the greenhouse, which I use for veg w/ supplemental CFL 18/6. Odors been effectively arrested, but dammit, that fan is still louder than hell. My question is simple: I've seen a few threads on building pinewood boxes around the inline, but they never seem to mention, how efficient is this method? Has anyone tried it? Would a hardwood work better? Thank you.

    Huckster79 Well-Known Member

    I just started adding a few drops of tea tree oil in my humidifier when I fill it up. It's located in my veg room... I had very low flowering smell in house just a light whiff now and again as my flower room is what I call semi sealed- it's sealed but not to the ultra high standards of a truly sealed sealed room veg is no sealed at all... I did however get an earthy growing greenhouse smell in the house- but of the nature that I think would be present reguardless of crop..'

    with the tea tree oil all of it's gone!!! No random Whiff of flower no green house earthy smell nothing! No strong tea tree smell either... It's supposed to inhibit algae in the humidifier and cleanse the air- well I'm sold!!! I am told over time it can shorten life of humidifier by being hard on plastic- not sure if I buy that a few drops can do that but we'll see- it was a nice model humidifier but I'm a bargain hunter and got it 2nd hand for $15... If it doesn't last quite as long so be it- well worth the fresh clean smell around the cabin!
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    Easyleesy Member

    As a newbie I expect I will get laughed at for this but to mask the smell I grow many different herbs in a herb garden right next to my grow room.
    It seems to be atleast mixing with the smell and outside the grow room definitely does not smell of the lovely smell we are all after.
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    Sal Baretta

    Sal Baretta Active Member

    Hi, Lee is your tent indoors and they do sell carbon filters to scrub all the smell from the air before it's blown out of you'd tent. You do have an exhast Dan in your tent right?

    redzi Well-Known Member

    Ona...where have I smelled that odor at? Oh yea that's right...a public bathroom like the one I use at the gas station 3 hours down the road.

    Javadog Well-Known Member


    Independent of how completely this works, it is a fantastic idea.

    We grow indoors....we can grow herbs from seed. I have done it, where
    I laughed at the seeds when I first saw smoke particles. Every
    species is in a pot in the backyard for the family. Fun too. :0)


    P.S. I also have had mushroom blocks all over the yard, under bushes.
    Shiitake, Nameko, Pleurotis, etc This provided similar cover for similar activities. :0)
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    Easyleesy Member

    Yes I have an exhaust fan and filter but even with that off it doesn't smell of what I am really growing ;)

    Cripplecrab Member

    I use a ten pig system to cover the smell of my op. For those that are curious. This is a very simple set up. I have 10 big ass pigs that live in and around the building that I use for my op. Nobody goes over there sniffing around. ha ha
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    joey green

    joey green Member

    sorry if this question has already been asked but im not finding any solutions. i have an odor issue with my portable a/c, its venting outside and stinking up my backyard, i put some ona gel into a cool humidifier which helps a tiny bit, i added an adapter to the end of the exhaust right at the window and put 2 pieces of carbon filter sheets which seemed to work but only for a short time, i read the heat kills the carbon quicker and if i put more sheets then i restrict airflow and kill my a/c. i already have a carbon filter that pulls air from my veg room thru my cooled hoods and outside but its not getting to clean the air the a/c is sucking up. dryers sheets only last 2 hours... can i build a butbox for the air intake and put a hose pulling air from another room outside the grow? and if im not pulling the hot air from the grow room will the a/c still cool that room?

    Wunderwi Active Member

    Came up with this little idea. Works great. The ona gel lasts for about 2 months.

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    joey green

    joey green Member

    so your a/c exhaust just blows over the ona on its way out?

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