This is what it's like in a non-legal pot state

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    DiogenesTheWiser Well-Known Member

    Arrests is all local cops want. Arrests put you in jail, and in front of a judge. All those people get paid for that. The cop, the jailer, jail staff, bail bond people, janitors, court reporters, defense attys, prosecutors, judges, counselors, social workers, probation officers, anti-DUI instructors, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, et al, all get paid for this shit even when there's no conviction.

    This is why I'm scared as hell whenever I'm outside of my home and not at work. America is a scary place, and Trumpers and Sessions worshipers love it like that.

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    Stop breaking laws.
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    macsnax Well-Known Member

    It's true, the system is corrupt. It's not about justice, it's about money.
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    schuylaar Well-Known Member

    Class Action is the only thing that will shut them down.
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    schuylaar Well-Known Member

    Stay out of Cobb County.
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    DiogenesTheWiser Well-Known Member

    That shit will spread from Georgia to Texas and all points in between. The only reason why cops pull people over is to see how many violations they can find. Each instance of a law violation = $.

    It's called policing for profit. As statehouses deconstruct their revenue streams and give taxpayer dollars to multinational corporations, local communities still have to fund a government, a police force, a fire department, schools, courts, etc. without the state funds they once received (just 10 years ago). And to make up for the shortfall in funds, cops are pulling people over and charging them with shit that cannot be fought. It's all money in local coffers.

    Police motto: "to collect and splurge."

    DiogenesTheWiser Well-Known Member

    Watch the video. The newschannel profiled three people who were exonerated -- because they didn't break any laws -- but it cost them thousands of dollars to prove that.

    tampee Well-Known Member

    Stop being a pussy I have been busted with small amounts of weed twice in non legal states they just wanted my money though I did have a little jail time over my head for a year of good behavior both times.

    I never got caught selling drugs not even pulled over in 6 years but I learned real quick you can't look like an outcast cops love fucking with long hair hippies and wannabe gangstas even white trashy looking people. Have you ever seen Cops?? None of them idiots are dressed nice.

    DiogenesTheWiser Well-Known Member

    So what makes you think I'm not a clean-cut looking dude who drives a newer automobile that's spic and span clean?

    Don't you think that during my 46 years on earth (and 29 of them as a pot smoker) that I've figured out not to have stickers on the car, don't grow long hair or a beard?

    So you sound proud of the time you served for good behavior, whatever that's supposed to mean. I don't want to be charged with anything. I'm not a "pussy" as you say because I'm fearful of being caught up in a Jeff Sessions-inspired dragnet. Unlike you, I want to stay out of jail and out of the system completely.
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    schuylaar Well-Known Member

    That's profiling and very much against the law. Class Action is the remedy. Race is not the only thing that gets profiled. One of these girls needs to call a pot attorney because this would be ground breaking and more than likely to the Supremes.
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    greg nr

    greg nr Well-Known Member

    Wherever you fall on the criminal "justice" political spectrum, you have to agree that policing for profit is a bad thing. It drives the wrong behavior and even "innocent" people who have "done nothing wrong" get swept up in it.

    Just like the phony speed traps that were tossed out years ago, there are scams going on today.

    The first step is to institute a law that says no jurisdiction can keep any of the proceeds of any asset forfeiture they conduct. Period. It has to go up to either a state or a federal budget and used for human services only. If a state or county wants to fund a police department to a specific level, than do it out of general funds. Don't let that dept raise it's own paycheck.

    I've seen IT departments in county jail systems that use cars seized from citizens for one reason or another. Really? Seize a vehicle so your IT guys can get lunch in it?

    They can seize property even without a conviction or even a charge. That is wrong. It is not hurting organized crime. It's hurting people struggling to get to work and pay bills.
    Chunky Stool

    Chunky Stool Well-Known Member

    I thought "false imprisonment" was a felony.
    If they can't provide *any* evidence of impairment, those arrests were illegal.
    Sir Napsalot

    Sir Napsalot Well-Known Member

    The same thing happens in legal states
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    whitebb2727 Well-Known Member

    So someone is a puss if they expect their rights not to be broken?o_O

    How about take the cop dick out of your mouth.

    Big_Lou Well-Known Member

    He is a cop groupie. And a narc. Fact. Avoid 'tampon tom'/daveysock.

    schuylaar Well-Known Member

    I'm on your side.

    The police do this for one reason and one reason only: because they can.

    Once accountability it established, the negative behavior will discontinue.

    Bear420 Well-Known Member

    If you really want to see the abuse every weekend, Watch A&E Live PD, almost every single car, The people are asked to get out of their car or truck and First Patted down, then a full search of them and their vehicle. ( for a freaking burnt out taillight)
    This shit has got to stop, Notice if you watch they always say, I smell weed, matter of fact last Friday on the show a Car drove by to S.C. Cops and they pull it over and said when you drove by us we smelled the weed, ( it was raining out the windows on car were up) What is really scary is they found no weed in the car, then the show cuts off from those incidents and goes to another cop pulling over another victim and doing the same shit.
    I for one understand the cops being in danger some of the time, But the bottom line is they choose to be i that position and take that job, It certainly don't mean they have to Search every single vehicle they pull over, and if they don't smell weed or alcohol it's then, " why do you seem so nervous?" I mean WTF is this system coming to.

    I won't even leave my house on weekends unless I really need to after watching that show, They are out just trying to get quota period, and say it isn't, but what other reason do you have to get a person out of their car on a minor traffic stop?
    I once hear a cop say to another cop, don't worry I will make something up to pull them over, "Quote"
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    macsnax Well-Known Member

    Yup bs. Same here, weekends & holidays, i try to stay at the house. These cops will get right up on your bumper to make people nervous, then when the car in front of them touches the line on the road they hit the lights to manufacture any charge or charges possible. Something needs to change its fuct.
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    Fogdog Well-Known Member

    Do you think it's worse now than in 2016?
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    macsnax Well-Known Member

    Not really, same shit has been going on for quite a while here.
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