This will be my first auto grow dwc...

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    rkymtnman Well-Known Member

    don't give up so soon!

    root rot is a bitch for sure. had it once. then i started going the sterile reservoir route.

    good luck with soil. i'd put up your questions on a different section and i'm sure the dirt growers will help you out.
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    auto1dwc Well-Known Member

    I would ph water no matter what.
    When it comes to soil grows I've never grown with fox farm.
    Check the details on the back of your soil it will tell you the ratios.
    I thought fox farm have nutrients mixed in it.
    Honestly I don't know myself.
    U can germ your seeds that way or damp paper towel in a pot with cling film over the top and kept warm.
    I germ for 36hrs this way and have a nice long root.
    Good luck with how you do it.
    And let us know how you get on.

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