Thoughts on wilma systems and need to knows


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Hello there I'm new to this site and I'm wanting a bit of information on wilma systems. Iv growing in coco for about 6 years now and I'm sick to death of hand watering so I thinks it's about time I dabbled on the hydro side. I have been reading about it for some time now and the wilma seems the best and most simple one out the lot for me

1.What is the best medium for the system I need a airstones,waterpumps,heaters In the res (not including the pump that feeds the plants)
3. Can i use fabric pots instead of the pots that come with the system

Mentor would be great of someone is up for it

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Coco and hydro are very similar. Why not automate your coco watering?

Need air stone in the res. 1 pump. No heater. Cold us good.

Fabric pots probably work but not ideal. Life probably easier with plastic.


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That's looks tidy mate but to complicated for me that
If that is too complicated then yes you should be hand watering, it cost me less than $150, I run 3 to 8 cycles, and it works great.
One of my 5 plant Vertical grows. Pulled over 1.5 pounds of trimmed cure smokable jarred buds and 6 zips of untrimmed buds that went straight into making FECO.

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I can leave for a few days and not worry about it, I can leave for a week but have to have someone come and check the pH. That would be my assistant/protege.


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Why should i be hand watering ? There is less complicated set ups like the wilma that's why I have chose it everyone starts some where. can't expect people to just be able to do it Rome wasn't built in a day I will get my head round it