Tips on telling my seedling which light the sun is?


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Hey all, not really a problem, just curious. I have a mix of LEDs in my tent with 5 plants. 2 120 watt blurple and a sf1000.

The seedling on the edge of where the light changes from whitish to blurple likes the blurple more and so is growing at a slant if I leave it lie. With its leaves up facing the light, and it seems fairly sturdy despite the lean. I have a plant with a stem like that from a fan that was too high for a week that I just lst'd it actually is probably giving me an extra inch above it because of the lean.

It is pretty easy to mitigate the bend by rotating the plant, but is there a way any of you have come across that helps teach the seedling which light is right above it? If I raise the blurple up a lot higher am I worried the 3 seedlings under it may start to stretch. Just curious.


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do you have parmeter or luxmeter_? you can add mix any type of light. as long as you are get correct par for seedlings. ı hope this help

seedling 250-400 ppfd
weg 400-600
flower 600-900


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Plants exhibit phototropism-they grow towards the light.
Pics of the seedlings will help.
Lots of stretching indicates low light levels.


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as long as you have correct par levels it is never happend. post the pic need to look fırst