Tired of trimming damaged leaves


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Strains: AK47, Belladonna, Northern Light
Plant age: 4 weeks since Germination
Medium: Fox Farm Ocean Forest
Container: 3" square pots
Water: Distilled Water with Canna Rizotonic and Super Thrive since Germ
Nutes: Canna Bio-Vega at 1/4 strength started 6/29
Light: 6 - 2 foot T5 bulbs 18/6
Light distance: 5.5 inches
Average Temp: 77 degrees light on 67 degrees light off
Average RH: 60% light on 55% light off
Air movement: 440 CFM out of a 2X2X5 space.
Watering schedule: every 2 - 3 days depending on top 1/2" of soil.
Ph of runoff 6.5 - 7

Attempts this far:
Remove leaves damaged beyond 50%
Flush once a week with Distilled water.
Sprayed 'Safer Brand Herbicide' (sulfur based) on leaves twice (two weeks apart)
Started Nute schedule 1 week earlier than planned
No changes at all from any of the treatment attempts.

Problem location: leaves only.
Description: Brown spots on leaves, start small and then expand eventually taking the whole leave. Typically starts on the middle leaf towards the middle, position on plant is random both new and old growth have had this issue.

I've culled 1 plant and about 20 leaves total from the whole grow because of this problem. It seems to happen mostly during the day. Please help before I lose the whole garden.




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I don't know it's odd on ones so young, but it looks exactly like my plant started when I went overboard on phosphorus.
other than that I got nothing. it looks both like ph issue and it looks like my own phosphorus problem.
however, the steps you've already taken should about cover for any of that...


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Hey rt I wouldn't give them any extra nutes if your already in OF.

I don't give any nutes while my girls are in veg just 50/50 OF and pro-mix........so if your doing straight OF for such small plants I'm almost certain its to hot

I would give them only water until your ready to transplant.

Also make sure you don't waterlog the soil, let dry out enough between waterings, that can throw things out of wack too.

but I almost pretty sure it to much nutes, if its only a few leaves you can ride it out but if keeps spreading I would transplant into some cooler soil.


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same thing happened to mine as soon as i put 1/4 nutes on mine first time. im using happy frog from fox farm, and im pretty sure natrone is right, foxfarm is all hot. i'd try straight water and see if they straighten out, if not, change soil. i didnt change soil and mine were about the same as yours, but they pulled through.


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Ok I've 'worked' the problem this evening ...

HUGE thanks to everyone who helped both here and in private messages. I put all the information together and have treated both the nute burn issue and the slight possibility of a fungus that was beating my fungicide.

This afternoon I stopped at the hydro shop and told the owner that my plants got nute burn from the FoxFarm Ocean Forest and that I needed a soil to transplant them into that wouldn't burn them or stress them out too much from the medium change ...

She recomended either Foxfarm Warrior seed starter or Promix. I opted for the seed starter since I can use what's left over for future clones without having the nute stress my seedlings had. I got new 6" square pots, some Neem oil, and another bottle of superthrive since I was about out.

I got home and sterilized everything with H2O2 and then cleaned it all off with distilled 6.5 phed water.

I then completely leeched all of my plants with phed water (took about 4 gallons). I mixed 1/2 gal of Oceanforest with 1.5 gal of Warrior and made sure it was well combined.

I made a Neem emulsion solution to use as a dip so I can avoid not getting all the leaves. I diped each plant in the neem solution and shook them until no more droplets came off. I then transplanted them into the new pots, which seem HUGE in comparison to the little 3" pots they were in.

I watered them with a solution of superthrive and Rizotonic. Superthrive for the stress of transplant and Rizotonic to build up a benificial bacterial colony for the roots. I let the new solution drain all the way out and then put them back in the tray and grow room.

I moved the light up to 1 foot away so the soil doesn't dry too fast and any droplets on the leaves don't cause light burn.

The room, tray, pots, tools, measuring cups, everything was sterilized before use. Now only time will tell. They're going to be on their own with the timers for the next 4 days, so hopefully they have enough water, but since I think right now they're over watered it's probably good thing.

Here's the results of 2 hours of labor.




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Sounds like a batch I have in bloom now or at least trying to bloom. At the rate they are disentegrating not sure I have much left for harvest. One bad trick was the lemon juice folks decided to about double the strength of their el cheapo store brand juice. New batch requires on 1 capful to get in the yellow ideal range on the Ph scale. I been giving them red water..way too acidic for weeks. Course 100 plus temps in the grow room aint helping and that crazy Miracle Grow Pearlite loves to kill plants. This has got to be about the sixth week of bloom and I aint seen a bud yet. Some of the plants are still lush green. Maybe they will eek out a bit.