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    I am growing 3 tomato plants indoors in a 2x2 tent along with some herbs. I have been experiencing some health issues with my tomatoes. The leaves curl and are very dry and brittle. The also sometimes have yellow spots. It seems to only effect older leaves on the plant.

    These plants are approximately 6 weeks old and are in fox farms of soil, being fed fox farms nutes. I have been fairly light on the Nutes so far. My grow room stays around 72-75 at night and 80-82 with lights on. Humidity fluctuates between 35 and 45%. The light is a 200 watt actual cob led that is nowhere near close enough to be burning the plants.

    Am I doing something wrong? Is this some sort of deficiency? Could it be too low of humidity?

    Do I have yellow leaf curl virus? Some sort of wilt?

    Thank you for your help.
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    iHearAll Well-Known Member

    what kind of ventilation do you have? it looks and sounds like wind burn

    edwardnashton New Member

    I had some heat/venting issues when I first got my tent so I had to make some upgrades from my initial system. My tent is 24x24x56.

    Currently I have a cheapo 4 inch active intake fan rated at 100cfm pulling air thro
    ugh a 4 inch duct around 3ft long with a bug shield on the end. The ducting is straight but I assume this is pulling way less than the 100cfm it's rated at.

    For my outtake I have a cheapo 4 inch fan rated at 120cfm. This is pushing air through a 3ft 4 inch duct that as 2 almost 90* turns in it. I also doubt this is pulling 120cfm.

    I also have a 6 inch clip fan circulating air in the tent.

    I know the cfm ratings on my fans are high for my tent but due to the length of ducting I had to run to get fresh cool air in the tent I didn't think this would cause any issues.

    Do you think that is my problem? If so, I can disconnecting the active intake and going passive only. Do you think that would solve my problem?
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    iHearAll Well-Known Member

    nah nvm that doesnt sound too bad. is the 6" clip fan on 24-7? how close is it to the leaves? what speed setting? does it look anything lile the problem is moreso mear the fan?

    if none of those i would think you have an infection. do you you use probiotics? you can apply a foliar probiotic weekly, this may clear it up.

    an efficient way to culture probiotic bacteria is to make EMextended. you need a small bottle of EM1 (purchase online), agricultural molasses, an empty 1 liter bottle and 1liter of nonchlorinated water. mix the water, 2tsp of EM1 and 2 tsp molasses (food grade store bought will work but is more expensive). pour mixture into the empty liter bottle and cap it tightly leave it to ferment for one week and burp once near the one week mark. thn you will have a new highly concentrated culture of EM but is not dormant like the mother culture of EM1.

    dilute a little of this when you want to spray your plants down to fight bacterial and fungal infections or just give the healthy an upper hand ahead of time as a preventative. dilute this EMextended 1:100 by volume with equal parts molasses. youll find that if only spraying a liter volume then you need 10mL (again 2tsp) of EMextended amd 10mL (2tsp) molasses in one liter of water. a bottle of EM1 should last 6-8 months if you exclusively use it to culture from. do not try and culture a new botle of em extended from a bottle of em extended, youll get lactoserum which is just lactobacillus and yeast. EM contains pyrple sulfure bacteria and photosynthetics as well but they are not a vigourous whem fermenting.

    tldr? you can buy a bottle of kombucha from the grocery store and spray it on your tomatoes weekly during night hours. dont get kombucha with chia seed in it and ive persinally only sprayed black tea and yerba matte flavors but others will work

    edwardnashton New Member

    The fan is on 24/7 but is in the opposite corner by the herbs, away from the tomatoes. It is left on the highest speed setting. It does not look like the issue is more common near the fan. Seems to be fairly evenly spread among the older, lower leaves. 2 of the plants are affected more than the 3rd and I rotate them pretty regularly.

    illsstep Member

    You might want to look at your humidity. Google "vapour pressure deficit" - this will talk about how temperature and humidity interact to create either more or less stressful conditions for plants. At 80-82° and 35-45% RH, you are very far outside the range that is considered to be minimally stressful to a lot of plants, at least as far as moisture loss is concerned.

    edwardnashton New Member

    So essentially my humidity is too low because of how high my temps are? I have cut off the heat in this room and it's sitting closer to 73-78 with lights on. I have also purchased a 2nd humidifier for the room(also have a travel one running in the tent). Hopefully this will help solve my problem. Thanks.

    thumper60 Well-Known Member

    maters love cal mag,looks like u in pro mix soilless,heavy feed with calmag all the time,allso hit them blooms with a qtip

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