Too strong coconut oil? also licithin ?

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    hey hows every one, so lets get to it,

    I decarb 1 oz of bud and infused it with unrefined coconut oil..1oz to 1 cup of oil was the ratio I used. Now my question is, I know there isn't any way of knowing if its too strong without a thc % ...I'm scared they would be too strong. I was looking into maybe making 75 100 mmg cookies or brownies....that level of strength is good for what I need. I was wondering what everyones experience has been.. Again this is broken up buds , 4 strains, no trimming....can I add another half a cup to this? and if I can would I have to reheat the whole thing? next question is about lecithin..can I add it now that its infused or is it too late?

    thanks guys in advanced
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    try to evaluate the % by smoking it,,,,average stone is around 15,,,,,very good is 20,,,,and very very stone is 23,,,,,,,,and calculate,,,28g 20%...5.6 gr of thc,,,,,5600 mg for 200gr of oil,,,,,28 mg for 1 gr of oil,,,,it is a guess i know but i cannot really know for sure of any true % of the cannabis i get,,,,any true,,,,in canada,,,,for now,,,,be my guest
    make yourself something to eat,,,4 gr of oil in each brownie would make your 100 mgr a piece,,,and enjoy

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    regulate dosing by size of food?
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    í put my gr of canna oil in 00 gel, i regulate my dosing by taking more or less gel(s),,,,
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    too larry

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    We decarb 4 ounces of trim and old bud, then cook it down into 16 ounces of coconut oil. Then 2, 3 or 4 TBS per brownie mix, according to how strong we want them. We do cut the stronger mix into smaller sizes.

    Beware of crumbles.
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    You should still add lecithin and heat it over a double boiler for a few hours. Then refrigerate 'til solid, thaw and refrigerate again to make it bond with the THC or something . Helps it absorb anyways. You can add more coconut oil at the same time if you want to dilute it. Have you tried dosing with it yet? My 10:1 rocks me good with a level tsp and it's about the same strength as what you made.

    I cook mine in a crock pot using a Variac to raise the voltage and the heat to decarb right in the oil. Get it up to 260F slowly and after any bubbles are gone lower the heat to below 212F then add the lecithin and lower the temp a bit more say 180 and let it simmer for another 6 hours or so. Then strain it thru a fine mesh kitchen strainer and squeeze out as much as I can with a spoon. Save the puck as it's great for adding to baked goods, smoothies etc. I got a few in the freezer and just chop off a chunk and toss it in a smoothie. Be careful because it's just as potent if not more so than the oil itself.

    I use no water and weigh all ingredients to get the ratio I want. The last batch I made I used 30g of older bud from 4 or 5 strains. Then I used a combined weight of 285g coconut oil and 15g/Tbsp liquid sunflower lecithin. With bud or frosty trim a tsp of 10:1 will get me high enough to HAVE to go to bed about an hour after ingestion.

    If you haven't yet, try a small dose like 1/2 tsp or less about 2 hours before you want to go to bed so if it does make you dizzy you just go to bed a little earlier and you'll sleep like a baby. :)

    Good luck


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