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Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by KhaliBudz, Dec 8, 2015.


    SoOLED Well-Known Member

    do we have a seed site thread, I think if we listed by US/UK and paypal/CC lists would be cool.
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    BigLittlejohn Well-Known Member

    He is hitting the HB male to the Corey cut. Can't wait for those beans...
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    CannaBruh Well-Known Member

    I'll have the D back shortly and possibly the 3, might need some dust :blsmoke:
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    dubekoms Well-Known Member

    Out of 3 seeds I got 2 females trestardawg 2.0's. One is growing very viny and is very picky with her nutrients, the other is a bit thicker, less stretchy and a bit more bushy. Both are smelling very dank at day 3 flower, can't say much else on the smell I'm sick and can't smell that great. I'll update with some pics when the light turns on.

    BigLittlejohn Well-Known Member

    I got you bruh. I need to square up with you anyway.

    dubekoms Well-Known Member

    So it's kinda a mess and it's impossible to differentiate the 4 different plants I have in there lol but the 2 tres are in the upper half of the screen. 20170906_212558.jpg stretchy pheno 20170906_211713.jpg

    Lightgreen2k Well-Known Member

    Yeah these ones from 2008.

    You are sure right about all. You post gear from Every point. Not like yourself that found out about JJ 2015 when it was cool or legal to grow now.

    BigLittlejohn Well-Known Member

    Yawn. Now post the pic with the paper plate with the old packs to show us all, yet again, how long you been on JJ's dick. (You addressed nothing I said btw)

    Meanwhile, I will continue to run his fire 3 chems and hunt through the rest of my 50% discounted packs but I won't purchase any more of his shit. Don't need it in my garden when others are bringing heat.
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    Lightgreen2k Well-Known Member

    You cleary looking for something from me. Nice to know you are watching me so close. I'll add a few more things for you to lust after in different threads too.

    Lots of other people are bringing heat.

    Now if you feel JJ's gear isn't good ;I guess mycotek continues to use his gear to make outcrosses fine as fire.


    BigLittlejohn Well-Known Member

    Don't flatter yourself, your smarmy tone and aforementioned picture have been noticed by anyone who has followed this thread from inception, of which I am one.

    I didn't say JJ gear wasn't good. What I said is he won't get any more of my money. Reading comprehension...try it out sometime.

    Again, JJ admitted, in writing that he doesn't test and he chucks. Why should anyone pay $300 for that? Someone using his outcrosses after taking the time to hunt the best one and then working it into something else while selling it for 1/3 of the cost seems like the better buy to me, but I cant stop any fool from doing what they want with their money.
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    Lightgreen2k Well-Known Member

    The Real question is why is little money like $300 expensive to you to purchase seeds. I don't know get a part time job.. "(let me stop, you don't want no smoke)Then suggesting puchasing and off brand at 1/3rd the cross.

    A fool would rather spend his money on imitation then real go ahead. Get off brand.

    And about his chucks.. He has been doing this for years IE 3chems and look what mycotek did with a "chuck"

    But continue to be one of those type that would settle for inferior and bring up the value so you can feel apart.

    Crying "it's just as good' if not better:roll:

    Thought you were going to slick talk about posting up my packs and let shit slide and I never came for you intially.

    As for you im done.
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    CannaBruh Well-Known Member

    I told you that Hellbreath is better than Stardawg IX. It's no imitation when it outright beats it for way less money.

    Go ahead and pay more for inferior chucks, you won't hurt my feelings.
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    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    subjective words...inferior, better, potent.... meh

    BigLittlejohn Well-Known Member

    1000x this.
    Light green is busy dick riding and the dude steals steals his money.

    You know nothing about me,and I certainly have no desire to prove shit to you. Anyone following the thread will see you (Lightgreen2k) to be a smarmy douche who tries to high post showing the same 2 seed packs and shitty grow work. Nobody takes you as anything but comic relief. Be done, but know that I am not the one to step to on this fooloshness child.

    BigLittlejohn Well-Known Member

    Those are opinions based on the grower's side by side experiences. It comes down to whether you find the opiner credible and I do. He has a long history around here of solid posts and showing his work. Whereas others...well they just ride cocks of breeders while failing to comprehend written English.

    morgwar Well-Known Member

    From what I've run a 300 dollar pack of any gear doesn't tangibly produce any better than most 100 dollar pack gear.
    I'm coming from an ag background and cannabis" breeding" is a laughing stock.
    Time for some farmboy to show what's what.
    What's our rep? Where's our testers?
    Try everything you've consumed since the day you were born. Every cotton shirt. Every leather coat, a result of some down home honkytonk shitheel farmer selectively breeding cotton and beef.
    That canola oil and sunflower seeds your eating or cooking with likely has my work in it.
    Where I'm from, only thing we're chucking is haybales lol.
    Feds legalise this shit and jjs dick is in the dust.
    Real talent is coming and bringing the biggest and nastiest crew ever seen.

    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    true enough, but recall one weed will put a user to sleep while another uses the same for energetic creation. One makes a person paranoid while the other goes to sleep with the same weed. The paranoid might say "that weed is the strongest I ever had" and they may be a life long trusted user too.

    I have no doubt that what any poster in this thread says is fire is anything else but, to them aye. I might call a fruity strain shitty while another feels its the best for example

    Rx use, alcohol, health all play a part in which one is good for us and when. My favorite type of effect and their descriptions are subject to change, reviews would follow and would be subjective once again.
    what is potency? just thc? wheres the lab report then, do we really want the highest thc? what is smooth, good growing, stronger than x,////its all subjective to the users' particular scenario. do you feel me?

    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    you bastard! now i know where to aim my Rapeseed rants:cuss:
    I always figured the price of a seed pack was relevant only to the demand reaped by hype and not the quality, whatever that is.
    I can honestly say I've grown only two shitty strains in my life, and subjectivity in mind some people even like those two.
    I grew them several times in my space and samo yuck effects. But every strain from every seed in a pack that finished was fire to many. maybe not my favorite, maybe not even my cup of tea yet pure fire. sure some grew taller, some stank more or less, but they all were awesome effects, great reps. I have had some freaks but thats a fluke here. once grow habits are straight I see very little talent needed to pollinate a plant. doesnt bother me a bit, takes me yrs to do the same, not to mention the whole acquiring legit copies to work with.
    I mean if a hermie plant qualifies for a shitty genetic then well....the purest chemdogs suck aye.

    Of so many TD gears I found some stars and some failures, I say failure because I know intimately what a real chemdog is, how it grows, what to expect, and I find some of td gear to be substandard in that arena. not a tttl fail though, still fire to anyone using it. I have a different perspective being a grower of chems than the patients who tokes to toke perhaps. I take all things from seed to sack in consideration.
    can the best "purest" chem get "better"? yes it can. could some have genetic hitchhiking pathogens? sure they do, can those be cleaned or hybridized? yes and it make a better experience......depending on who you are/your chemotype

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    BigLittlejohn Well-Known Member

    I feel you 100%. As you say, totally subjective and chemistry and individual tastes account for a lot of differences. I know that Cannabruh and I have similar tastes as we have networked off of riu which is why I take his words with far more than the grain of salt I take the word of others.

    When he says his Hell Breath outperforms his Stardawg I believe him all day. Won't stop me from getting the Corey Hain cut but when it comes to spending my money, I go for smart buys. I don't see JJ recent work as a smart buy. Not that its not quality, just that the samw or better can be had for much less and from people that don't act like douchenozzles the way JJ does.
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    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    right on, and for the record....Hell Breath more than outperforms Stardawg, corey haim, and the rest of them imo too.
    I sound Super City to qualify as a real competitor. the only one of all my TD gear. I'm with you on this one. I didnt keep HB
    as I preferred a few others over her and real estate is prime here
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