Tri combs-what am i looking for??

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    HER TURN New Member

    It's getting close to harvest, and I don't know what to look for. Middle of week 8
    Do these look about done

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    Vicarious1989 Member

    I see this plant almost harvest point, what kind of plant is and few weeks indicate the bank?

    mrpuffins Well-Known Member

    Does look ripe but hard to really say if you can harvest from just those pics. Get a scope (see link below) and zoom in on thos trichs and see if they are clear, milky white, or amber (google image that shit) and opinion will vary some but harvest when you see abooooout half turning from milky to that amber. some say later for more couch-lock, but if you let it go waaaay to far it can kill potency -- this one has the added benefit of costing an extra $5 since it says 420 on it. I got the $10, all the same IMO

    good luck!

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