Trichomes on my plant first grow What do you guys think?


Hi guys,

I'm doing my first grow with autoflowers: 3 royal dwarves and one afghan express) indoors.
Now I learned a lot this first grow and love to see the plants react to what you give them!

My afghan (Indica dominant) is now 10 weeks old and I made some shots of their trichomes (hope you can see it well enough).
Now the thing is I can choose to harvest in a week or at the 4th of august because I'll be gone from end of juli till the 4th of august. What do you guys think would be the best option? One week or 19 days? Some more pictures of the plant itself will follow tomorrow, but I'd like to hear what you more experienced growers would say based on the shots I managed to take.

I read so many different things about desired trichome count. I hear people say it's fine if allmost all trichomes are milky, but others say even wait till 20-30 percent of 'em turned amber. I would like the weed to give me a high but still experience some effect in my body. Would that be possible in a week's time or would that just be too early?
Like to hear what you guys think ;)

Gerda Trichome 2 16 juli .jpg Gerda Trichome 16 juli .jpg Gerda Trichome 3 16 juli.jpg Gerda Trichome 4 .jpg
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Thank you Stealthstyle! Do you maybe have a 'verdict' on the state of my trichs? I find it a bit hard to tell to be honest.


Ah okay, so that would mean that I'm still quite far from harvest right? And therefore I should def. wait a couple more weeks I assume? Here are some pics of the plant. I'm really glad how she turned out after LST training!

GerdaNutburn whole plant 2.jpg Gerda nutburn whole plant.jpg Gerda Windowshelf nutburn.jpg Main Cola Nutburn Gerda.jpg

She is quite small but has a lot of frosty buds! ! :D Although I did burn her once with nutrients so today I flushed her to wash out the excess nuts. She got these red/purple tips/lines on the upper buds..

Small cola Nutburn Gerda.jpg

Do you guys think this is really bad for taste/quality and if so.. should i try something else than just flushing?
The leaves are yellowing nicely but most yellow leaves hold on to the plant tightly so if i try to pull a leaf off, the whole plant moves haha.
Can anyone say according to this extra information if it would be okay for me to wait till the 4th of august for harvest and still have nice weed?

thanks for your previous replies! :bigjoint:



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I would not wait till august to harvest. I do see cloudy and some clear trichs and your plant is finishing nicely. ou could try a bud now and see for yourself. the weed would be good for me possibly but not for you so its hard to say. some like cloudy some like amber


So would you believe that after a week I can harvest a weed with a good high? I'm pretty much interested in getting enough cloudy trichs.. there is no need for a lot of body stone with too much amber but i see some amber tho.

And the red/purple burn.. should I do anything in addition to the flush I just gave them today?

I tried to get a clearer shot.. this is a little better right?
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Also with trying a bud.. like not dry it at all? Would that be smokeable for testing purposes?
no,dry it.i see a combo of milky,clear,and a few amber.personally,id let it go another week but like chem says,its all a matter of opinion of what kind of stone you want.looking good,bro


Thanks, will try that! I'm happy to hear you say that man! So if i wait a week and chop them, you'd predict them to be 'fine'? I mean i get that it's a matter of personal taste, but it would be a bummer if in a week she would simply be harvested too early regardless of taste. I don't need the couch lock and I can wait a week.. then dry them for 5 days and leave them at my buddies' for curing. (2-3 weeks). That'd be perfect.

Super excited! :weed:


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yeah, give another week, me personally i like cloudy/milky, very little amber, but everyone is different. take your time.


Ah okay! Will do! Thanks for all your help guys, when i harvest I will post some pics! They are lookin' sooo tasty already :mrgreen:


One last question: so the purple nutburns.. are they bad for the taste/quality after proper drying and curing and if so.. should i cut off some of the most purple ends of the buds or is there anything i could do to make it a bit better?

Will be harvesting in a day or two!


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The purple hues are a good thing but rarley go further than the leaves which should be trimmed off. If they go further than the leaves you're in luck.


Doesn't this seem like lightburn or nute?
although it did get a bit more purple after my flush 4 days ago.
I also noticed it's not on the lower buds.
I read something about plants getting these colours during a little colder period, maybe it's something like that.
Anyhow she smells great! I like how densely the plant is packed with buds :D
15006824992731073152889.jpg :weed:


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Nice job OP, you did good balancing her feeding. Trics look good, frosty. Buds are ripe and ready, harvest within a week. A proper dry and cure will help bring out the flavor, good looking genetics


Thanks! I decided to harvest :D Here they are now, my grow tent is still filled with 3 royal dwarves so i had to come up with something.
Here is a nice bud
I waited a day and a half with the last few lower buds that hadn't gotten as much light. She was probably stressed but did turn some trichs!
Got about 105 grams wet off the plant!
Would that be 25 grams dried or something like that?
Got some great nuggets.
I smoked some of the resin that stuck on my scissors.. man... I got the greatest uplifting high in ages :mrgreen: it tasted great!

Now the drying and curing, and soon incoming harvest of the other 3 dwarves :D

I realise now that i might just have made a grow journal, because of the everything I posted but thanks so much for the advice guys! I'm enjoying the growing a lot :weed:
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