Trophy points

Tom Buzz

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What are trophy points and how do you earn them ?? I have been growing good while and am 63 yrs old. I just stumbled across this site for like chatting with others about growing . Always can learn no matter who you , are and if you think you can’t you are ignorant . You can learn somthing from the newest and youngest person sometimes if you listen and open minded or teach someone .. but anyway I will give all this other stuff a try since I am on the site. How do you earn trophy points and what are they ??

Hugo Phurst

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Go to your points & click on the number (yours is 13), it will come up with a list of "Trophies".
The more posts & likes you get, the more trophies.


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theyre nothing important theyre based on site statistic like likes, comments, and posting not specific to growing we wouldnt have a way to trophy award growers for specific growing related stuff.

I would not worry about them