Two types of leaf damage... are they linked ?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by Kieron90, Jan 12, 2018.


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    You sure it wasnt just drops of liquid that bleached the plant from the light?
    If it was just that one leaf
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    I reckon that's probably the case, it's on a few other leaves actually, some nearer the top which is what made me mention it :confused:

    I ran into an issue with temperatures after looking at overnight minimums. The exhaust and filter run overnight, that draws in cold air passively through the intake, resulting in a low temperature of 14.8C / 58.5F. Daytime temperatures of 24C / 75F are spot on and can be maintained over the summer when it gets hotter using the intake fan or air conditioner, but it's this current drop of 9.2C / 48.5F that I know isn't very good for them. I figured I would throw a heater in there to maintain 17C / 62.6F as I don't want to shock them.

    (Other option is to run intake during lights on to give temperatures of 20.5C / 68.5F to reduce overnight differential but surely then they'll be at wrong day and wrong night temperatures).

    It's a steep learning curve but I'll get there !
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    Im sure youll get it :)

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