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    visajoe1 Well-Known Member

    why are you all arguing over semantics for a war that is very well documented? hilarious how many panties are bunched up over it

    SneekyNinja Well-Known Member

    We're not arguing, we're debating passionately.

    Just cos you completely disagree with someone doesn't mean you've to hate them.

    visajoe1 Well-Known Member

    whos hating? im just curious is all. thought it pretty funny to see snarky replies over a subject (WW2) that really isnt debatable, except for opinions maybe.

    UncleBuck Well-Known Member

    considering how badly your intellectual curiosity lacks, i can only assume that you're speaking of your sexuality.

    don't be afraid, go ahead and suck that dick. there's nothing wrong with it.

    after all, it might change your mind about how those mean old LGBT people looking for equality and dignity are "jamming it down your throat".

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    "Alt accounts are not allowed."

    "Please don't spam our forum."
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    ttystikk Well-Known Member

    News Stinkydigit can use!

    Fogdog Well-Known Member

    "Russia would have beat Germany on their own." OK. After all, only 25% of the Russian fighting age male population died as it is. Defeating Germany on their own would raise the stakes to what? Maybe make it 50% of the fighting age men and toss in kids and old men to fill some gaps and die too. Can a country sustain losses like that and win a war? Maybe Hitler would have had the time and resources to build that nuclear bomb? Germany's air power was worn down and eliminated by British and later on, American air raids. Could Russia have won if Germany was able to focus it's air power entirely on Russia?

    You have a habit of predicting alternate realities with great confidence. And no wonder you do. The reality is you've swallowed the right wing Kool-aid and no longer live in the reality at present. Everything is made up. Why not history too?

    SneekyNinja Well-Known Member

    Hitler was said to be getting close...

    Ironically if he hadn't hated the Jews then Einstein and a number of other prominent scientists would have never emigrated to the US.

    prostheticninja Well-Known Member

    Many of scientists working in the Manhattan Project were Nazi scientists who were granted pardons so they could come build the bomb here in the United States. I wouldn't necessarily call that "emigrating". Not only that, but to say they only came because of Hitler's hatred, is like saying: "hunnnnna hmmmm yuuuurt." because all you are saying is nonsense. They came here so they didn't have to face a tribunal.

    And don't give me that "they were forced into working for the Hitler. They wouldn't have done it otherwise."

    Thats what coward does.

    SneekyNinja Well-Known Member

    You don't deserve the Ninja part of your name, disgraceful alternative facts in play here.

    Or is our education system just that fucked?

    prostheticninja Well-Known Member

    Clearly. Have you read the drivel that spews from your hands?

    SneekyNinja Well-Known Member


    That the US declared war against the Empire of Japan after Pearl Harbor?

    "On December 8, 1941, the United States Congress declared war (Public Law 77-328, 55 STAT 795) on the Empire of Japan in response to that country's surprise attack on Pearl Harbor the prior day."

    About prominent figures fleeing the Nazi Regime.


    If you have a source to counter any of that then feel free to post it, there is no opinion in science and history, only fact.

    prostheticninja Well-Known Member

    The US did declare war on Japan, I have no argument about that. Go back one page, and read where you say that belief in the fact that Germany declared war on the US must mean you were drunk in school.
    Also, read your regurgitated attempt at an intellectual blow. You know, the whole facts and opinions bit you copied from the last internet tough guy :roll:

    Good job showing me a Wikipedia article on people leaving the Third Reich. Must have been tough to find that "source" buried out there.

    I tire of wasting my time typing this response (and it will most likely be wasted on you as you yell "NOT UH!" and slam your keyboard hoping for a response slightly better than your last [don't hold your breath]) so I will just tell you what to research and you can ask your aide to read the Wikipedia articles to you:
    Uranium Club
    Walter Gerlach
    Otto Hahn
    Operation Epsilon
    Werner Heisenberg
    Manhattan Project (specifically relating to the Alsos Mission)

    SneekyNinja Well-Known Member

    Most of those never even left Germany.

    I was talking about the ones that fled Nazi Germany, yes there were some who were pardoned once they got here but that's a minority and makes no difference to what I said.

    If you're going to be an argumentative little bitch at least try be accurate.

    prostheticninja Well-Known Member

    What are you talking about? Operation Epsilon and the Aslos Mission were directly concerned with removing Nazi scientists from Germany and placing them in friendly countries. They most likely did not leave Germany because they were not allowed. Gerlach hated the Nazis and was very outspoken of them.

    You were so excited to tell me to use a citation. Why don't you cite whatever tough guy you are pulling your "witty" quips from. You know, the ones that you like to end your "responses" with?

    SneekyNinja Well-Known Member

    The last paragraph is mine.

    Have a nice night ;)
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    UncleBuck Well-Known Member

    love is in the air.

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