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    Thanks man!!!!! No kiddin, you are gonna really enjoy them. Merry Christmas!!!
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    GoofyGr8pe Member

    I was curious about the pheno of the mom used (BO)
    Leaning more Cali-o or Appalachia or ??
    But it's your dad hybrid thats really got me intrigued.
    I got a pack also and signed up to say thanks and good luck.

    Now I have to figure out how this place works. Haha.

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    Thanks a bunch for your support!!!! The Blood Orange mom used was straight up Cali-o all the way. Very orange/tangerine/clementine like. Not like candy orange, more like fresh squeezed orange juice. Welcome to rollitup, once you get some likes and posts under yer belt you will be able to do more things, like posts, start conversations with folks ect.

    Serva Well-Known Member

    I was looking for orange terps and found out, that this cali-o seems to be the most interesting one. But it was not avaible (clone only), so I was looking who used it in his crosses. That‘s how I found bodhi. But neither Blood Orange, Satsuma, or Orange Sunshine were avaible anymore. In the bodhi thread I read about your freebies at GLG, but also these were just gave away, before I was able to do an order. I tried to find you, here and on icmag, but everyone just reported you as missing. Now I get one of these older freebie packs, and suddenly you were back :) And more and more you talk about this cross, it seems that my journey was worth it! I will pop the seeds in january, and I also decided, that I will cross it to my SSDD keeper, because it has the most unique effect for me, but is low on terps. Could you tell me, how I will find the best male for this project? I read a post from bodhi, where he suggest to flower it until the end, and smoke the pollen like buds. Anything else I should care about? Would it be better to take pollen of every male I will find, and cross it to a branch of my SSDD. So I can find hidden traits in the filial generation? Looking forward to hear your tricks and tipps. Thank you!
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    GoofyGr8pe Member

    A11g line is useful, useful.

    It appears that dad speeds up flowering times, increases potency a tad and brings additional deliciousness to the table as well. A guy on here ran Cali-O x A11g and called it almost "his grail strain" fast flowering stacked mind candy psychoactive meds and of course, delicious. Thank you kind sir for posting that. You are very nice for sharing.
    I know C-99 really made some killer hybrids back in the day. CindyDom and Cindy
    X Burmese. And they are quasi-related.

    Unrelated to the thread, when I ordered I just sent $ and order # to GLG.
    I didn't even think to include proof of age seeing I'm closer to 50 than 40.
    That would suck to get cancelled for that.
    I don't recall reading that requirement on the site but I suppose I could have overlooked.
    I may have to go double check and grab something else. Haha

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    Hey there Serva, I personally try and look for characteristics in males as I do with the females. Nice structure, node spacing, stem rub smell ect. But sometimes if I want a male to pass so to speak because I really like the terp profile of a particular female, I will look for a male that has nothing really special as far as smell.You could find yourself a terpy female and reverse it and pollenate your SSDD and then hunt through those.
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    Hey there, Yes on the Apollo. I have some more A-11 things stashed that I'm going to be working with since Bodhi is no longer. I have the A-13 Gorilla Arm x Snow Lotus, A-11 genius select, A-11 Genius F3 x Big Sir Holy Bud,and more of the Genius Thai Extreme to work with.As far as the proof of age thing, I think you should be alright.:bigjoint:

    GoofyGr8pe Member

    F3 x BSHB.sign me up.
    I'm going to enjoy exploring the BO/GTE
    A lot!
    I've always been curious about all things big sir holy since first reading Jason Kings' description in the cannabible, but that was BSHWeed. I think SAGE is a big sur holy weed breeding offshoot also.
    I would love to hear description of smell, smoke, effect
    This is one Bodhi told the world it's up to us to make more and keep going. (BSHB)

    What are the similarities/differences between BSHW & BSHB if there's someone familiar with both medicines.
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    This is what I came up with so far, Bodhi's description....
    These were a special gift to a well connected friend from an old grower in big sur, she gave them to me because she knew that i loved seeds, and would do them right. Can i 100% verify this is the original undiluted or unhybridized big sur holy weed line from perry the monk, no can do, but what i can say is this is unique, oldschool, mind ablaze green fire time capsule weed from the big sur mountains. Everybody that has tried this line has fallin in love with it.

    The plants do great indoors and out and can get quite big. It has genetically purple phenos, pink pistilled phenos, a less common sativa pheno, and loads of hybrid phenos, smells range from soggy bread to blueberry menthol, it seems to be a afghani mexican hybrid masterfully bred towards the sativa high and the indica frame. The true magic of this strain is the amazing sublime sativa high, a beautiful blast from the past

    This seed run was an open pollination of 4 males and 6 females, not alot, but enough to get the job done... A small population open pollination in a tent means your going to mostly the beans made from the first two males that opened.... The super quick sativa pheno male... And the fat indica dom male...

    This line is called big sur holy bud to differentiate it from the big sur holy weed lines by hhf, danbo, and reeferman. Everybody that has tried this line has fallin in love with it. Im really happy to gift this back to the community. Very limited, only 30 packs, then its up to you to make more!

    Fastslappy Well-Known Member

    I run bshw great high. Still got gear gonna x that to my blood orange next f4 pop of bo
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    Akghostbuds420 Well-Known Member

    I love all of Bodhi descriptions ~soul food for the mind~
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    GoofyGr8pe Member

    Cubing/"new school" type hybrid x old school original strain hybrid.

    Good read.

    There was a strain back in the 90s called Dogshit. Same period as catpiss. But dogshit was supposed to have Purple Zacatecas in it also. I never tried it but my mentor did. It's interesting that both BSHW and Dogshit both have that rare Mexican in it.

    Big Sur Holy Bud + Dogshit =
    Holy Shit?
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    Serva Well-Known Member

    I received a gift today, inside there were also these little beauties:

    sooooo... lets go! :weed:
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    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    Those are lovely gifts to receive :)
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    Useful Well-Known Member

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    Useful Well-Known Member

    Well this is what is headed off to GLG. Purple Urkle x Skywalker OG x Genius Thai Extreme.....Sour Princess x Chocolate Trip F3...Chocolate Diesel x Chocolate Trip f3. In the spirit of giving, the Purple Urkle x Skywalker OG x Genius Thai Extreme has a 6 pack of Genius Thai Extreme f2 attached. The Chocolate Trip crosses have a 5 pack of Chocolate Trip f4's attached.

    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    Some tastey sounding gear!
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    Useful Well-Known Member

    Although I'm new to the scene of sellin seeds...I'm just curious. I see that a bunch of folks are in to the cookies and such. That's fine...I have cookies, glue ect. But bein an older guy, I was just wonderin if any of you are willin to go back a bit??? My genetic library goes back a bit because I have been collecting for quite some time. I have some treasures to work with but I'm curious if anyone is interested to be honest. Just gonna throw a few at ya and see what ya have to say.

    Black Cherry Cheesecake x Power Malawi
    Grapefruit Diesel x Power Malawi
    Black Cherry Soda x Power Malawi
    E-32 Trainwreck x Sour Diesel
    Afgoo x S-15 Trainwreck
    Purple Mayhem x Sour Diesel x Afgoo
    NDNGUY'S 1979 Christmas Bud preservation project
    Power Malawi x GDP
    Jack Herer
    DJ's Blueberry
    Sour Diesel IBL
    Chem IBL
    Matanuska Mint
    South African Kwazulu
    Lashkar gah Vak
    Swazi Gold
    Black Domina
    Woodhorse Herijuana
    Wild Mazar
    I have more.
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    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    Dude you know retro is in ..... i think

    I gota try matanuska mint since i live here lol

    Id give most on your list a run im looking for that old chink eyed stuff i cant find lol
    Havent had a blueberry for about 11 years bout tim to revisit it .

    They all sound good. As long as its loud and doesnt take 15 weeks in flower (my longest so far)
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    Jp.the.pope Well-Known Member

    That E-32Trainwreck x Sour Diesel sounds nice. So does the sour d ibl.
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