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    Serva Well-Known Member

    Uhhh.... :weed: got more seeds of this cross with SSDD? Sounds like the right one for me :mrgreen:
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    Useful Well-Known Member

    Yessir I do. I reckon I will send them in along with GG#4 x Genius Thai Extreme. Also I remember us talkin...the Blood Orange x Tangerine Power fems are almost done.

    GoofyGr8pe Member

    What is the orange strain in the orange cookie cut used?
    Enjoying The thread.
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    GoofyGr8pe Member

    I can be your “sniffer”. I’m cheap lol
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    Useful Well-Known Member

    Orange Juice Bud male.

    Useful Well-Known Member

    The second generation Fire Cookie pollen is doin it's thing.
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    maxamus1 Well-Known Member

    Ok man you are making it really hard not to buy anymore seeds @Useful
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    Useful Well-Known Member

    Sorry @maxamus1 ...I have been there before lol..I do appreciate the compliment.I reckon I should mention that I am also workin with f2 Fire Alien, Black Lime Special Reserve, Stardawg F3,Sour Strawberry, Fire OG, Black Jack, and some other stuff.

    GoofyGr8pe Member

    Co-OG mom. Another C-o cross.
    I recently finished some new ones and wanted to ask what you know about dad in this cross. Tangerine. But it’s not from CO. And it’s 0 relation to:
    “The Tange”
    It is an old school Northern California strain.
    Have you ever heard or seen this ?

    Here’s what I do know it’s not Cali-o because I had her forever. Nor is it a cross w/it in it. This is new to me. It tastes like candied tangerines and more artificially sweet.
    Its candy sweet on the last drag on a mostly cashed bowl even. The end of a roach- incredible.
    I had very low expectations and expected mediocrity. Best surprise ever.

    Another question about the cookies cross?
    I remember cookies varieties taking forever in veg to grow. Did your cross speed that up? And did I ever notice that with cookies.
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    Useful Well-Known Member

    I do not know much about the Tangerine...was it bred by Ch9 ??? Sounds like a very tasty one ya got there.

    The Orange Cookie cut I have been runnin for quite some time is like that with the flavor. Also this cookie is not slow growing at all, and yields are VERY good. The other bursting with orange/tangerine/clemintine is when I found the Cali-o leaner in Blood Orange, I did some small batch stuff like the Genius Thai Extreme cross. But I also hit her with a nice Tangerine Power f2 male. I then went huntin through those and found a super nice funky orange lady...I liked it so much that I reversed it...only got like 120 seeds though. Gonna do that reversal again real soon. Maybe I wil do a bag of oranges type thing..Orange Cookies x Sunshine Daydream pack with a 5 pack of the fems attached...I dunno.

    thenotsoesoteric Well-Known Member

    I got lucky with the 3 tangerine powers I popped, I got one male and one female that reek like oranges when you rub the stem, even at 2-3 weeks from seed, and one female that is very large and vigorous with no smell yet. The male is a bit more vigorous than the female. Both are at about 2 weeks flower for first time now. I plan on making f2 from them as well. Cheers man
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    Useful Well-Known Member

    I am losin my mind!! HAHA....I was tellin you folks about about this 2nd generation Chocolate Covered Strawberries I am workin with. I posted pics in the chuckers paradise thread...and not here. Yeah here she is fully pollinated by a second gen Fire Cookie male.I know I take terrible pics....sorry. P3100157.JPG

    Serva Well-Known Member

    Blood Orange x Genius Thai Extreme, day 60 (flash) / day 64, 12/12fs

    Looking a little bit rusty because of some organic spraying. I had again spider mites on my youngest seedlings, so every plant in my cab got sprayed.

    I've got a stuffy nose atm, and can't go into details, but it's defintely some strong tropical fruity smell in there. It became a little bit spicy, like pepper, before my nose got blocked.

    GO2a.JPG GO2b.JPG

    GO3a.JPG GO3b.JPG

    GO5a.JPG GO5b.JPG

    GO6a.JPG GO6b.JPG

    GO7a.JPG GO7b.JPG

    Useful Well-Known Member

    Nice!!! Looks like they have gained some weight.
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    ShyGuru Well-Known Member

    @Useful a lot of your crosses sound killer but I'm hoping you decide to start producing more fem lines. Not enough US breeders do and there's definitely a market for them...
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    Useful Well-Known Member

    I hear ya loud and clear. The process has already begun. Some folks don't like feminized seed, some do. I don't like auto flower seeds personally, but would never disrespect someone that enjoys them.

    So yeah, plan on seeing some feminized gear in the very near future. :bigjoint:

    SativaInMind Member

    lovin what ur doing, glad to see u getting ur seeds around to! my friend has a pack of yours soon to be pooped :)
    well I thought i'd chime in on my opinion... fuck fem seeds, you do you dude, but it would be great to stay mostly true to the regulars please.
    I guess fem seeds are a natural occurrence to, plus plants are smart, they can usually sort them selves out, but I feel fems are just a shortcut, I try to avoid if possible.. and possibly not healthy for the gene pool.
    Keep it up tho, peace.. @Useful
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    Useful Well-Known Member

    I appreciate yer opinion...I really do. The fem seeds really do have their place though. Imagine tryin to be legal in a 6 plant limit state...or someone growin some personal head stash in a small closet..they don't want to have to waste time and space with male plants. Am I gonna start just providing fem beans???? No i'm not..absolutely not.I am going to attempt to do my best to provide a lil bit of everything..folks can choose what they want. I have some plans for some landrace stuff...some fems...some reg lines ect. Peace right back at ya brother.Again I do appreciate yer opinion.

    Akghostbuds420 Well-Known Member

    I would buy some fems, especially some cool S1 beans but i'd be down for all of it.

    You mind sharing some plans?
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    Useful Well-Known Member

    Um....I am reversing this funky Chocolate Diesel cut and going to hit the Gorilla Glue cut, family reunion..haha..Looking at Black Jack cut, Fire OG cut, Stardawg f3, maybe this Orange Cookie cut, maybe make a Chocolate Covered Strawberry Diesel..I really like the idea of that one. This f2 Chocolate Covered Strawberries is very nice. Look up ^^ at the pics of her. That was at 32 days and fully pollinated by a Fire Cookie f2 male.
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