Vaped tiny bit, felt paranoid and nauseas

Discussion in 'Medicating' started by Lion-O, Dec 14, 2017.


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    Haven't had any in a while. A week ago tried my cbd dynamed, just two long draws on a desktop vaporizer, felt better for pain and a bit relaxed. Now, a week later, did two big draws with 16 month cured white widow using magic flight launch box but had a tiny amount of the dynamed in it. Well, this was last night and it hit me bad. Not as bad as when took too much ww last year where I was super paranoid and forgot how to speak, but still very uncomfortable and nauseas. Took about four hours to feel better. Still a little shell shocked in bed and this morning though.

    Am I super susceptible to thc? It would be a shame as I have about 2 pounds cured of ww, but maybe 6 - 8 ounces of dynamed, if that. I use cannabis for pain, muscle relaxer and nausea, so it blows when it backfires like this. I just couldn't believe such a small amount did this. This was last night btw.

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    WTF does that mean?

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    somethings fishy here
    carry on

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    It's all in your head. Your anxious and scared because of a previous bad experience, and now the cannabis just magnifies those feelings when you get use it. Same deal with psychedelics, if your anxious/scared before you take them, the chance of having a bad trip is WAY more likely.

    You need to relax, do some research on cannabis, know the health benefits, and really wrap your mind around the fact that cannabis can't hurt you.

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    I'm not sure if that's the scientific method... I think some are just predisposed to have these issues.
    Budley Doright

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    I find some strains are a bit racey for my liking and I suppose some could have that effect times 10 for a person that doesn't smoke much. Moral of this story? Don't smoke that particular WW. I have a strain jarred that drives me insane with tinnitus :(.
    Budley Doright

    Budley Doright Well-Known Member

    No it can't hurt you persay but there are strains that I find are not really enjoyable :(.

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    Just sucks when you spend such time, money and energy in growing and getting good harvest, only to have this happen. If I could I'd at least trade for a different strain.
    Budley Doright

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    I can't trade but I can grab a different jar lol. I grow 5-6 different strains outdoors to rotate every few weeks. I build up a tolerance quickly :(. I make concentrate with the subpar strains :).

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    Just got certified for a mm card. Going on a doctor's recommendation for how to go about it. Will have to buy some stuff for a little while though. While expensive, it will allow me to gain more knowledge on how to go about it and avoid negative side effects.
    Chris Edward

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    @Lion-O, you are like me a few hits and I fine, anymore and it the experience goes from chill to scary.

    It could be a couple things, first you used two different vaporizers...
    Second, you hit the ww like it was dynamed.

    Try one or a half hit with the ww on the desktop vaporizer and see how that effects you.
    Then try the same on the launch box and if the effects are the same.

    This is why I vape, flowers vary too much in their hit quality, one hit can be super light leaving you feeling like you need a second hit and then when you take the second hit, that one hits harder leaving you question whether you should have taken the second hit or not.

    With vape it's always the same hit (which can be diluted to your liking), unless the cartridge spits out a glob of extract then it's MR. Toads wild ride...

    I had a similar experience with skywalker when switching vape cartridges. Same vape concentrate, but with my old cartridge I would take a couple of long lung hits and just sit back and actually be able to relax. I figured it would be the same with the new cartridge, boy was I wrong!!!
    Two long lung hits hit me like a freight train and lasted well over 4 hours.
    The hits were quite gentle and there was hardly any smoke...
    I just sat there counting the seconds between waves, trying not to freak out.
    Now I take mouth hits and get the same results as a lung hit on my old cartridge.

    Zero_OS Well-Known Member

    those wave...brings back not so fond memories...I can't figure out how someone like Remo can judge 20+ samples of top grade in one sitting, or down a supercharged 2+ gram J...blows my mind how hard core some folks are.
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    OLD MOTHER SATIVA Well-Known Member

    when one smokes a LOT the neuro receptors become "dulled.."

    and it takes more to get off..[law of diminishing utility]

    huffing some those 20 strains in one session may give him an impression of whats more potent...

    for his reality he has to do it in one sitting..its science Bro!!

    so advice to OP maybe SMOKE LESS..or find a different strain..

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