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I'm seriously considering for this summer from SoFla..

I might need employment or cheap place to stay..

Can I get some pointers on where to go what to do..Burlington area.

PS. One of the best female growers you'll ever meet..check my grow journal for references.


Good fresh water fishing. I never been that far out not much going on the NH border is where it's at so much more going on in NH cheaper alcohol, even food, and cars tax free. Laconia area, Conway, Kangamangus Highway. VT is good for skiing but so is NH best thing about VT is property taxes but that only helps if you're near the NH border. Only problem is I probably know of more junkies than people who smoke weed. Lol, But plenty people who smoke weed just stay away from the junkies even if they smoke weed the DEA and all are on top of dope and meth confidential informants selling dope, yeah the DEA really knows how to put people in prison but they damn sure ain't stopping the heroin. Lol

It's nice in the mountains I can target shoot from my windows and have huge parties got a nice view and good fishing plenty of trails with some nice mountain views but I got a long ride for a good job unless you get a job at a ski resort thats only about ten miles. But plenty work if you live in a bigger town apartments ain't too cheap though might as well have a mortgage all the welfare moms get the cheap housing.