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    Farmerunderglass Member

    About to pull the trigger on one of these lights for s new set up.

    How much did you end up pulling off your run?!

    Your photos looks great.

    I'll get my journal up and going so others can benefit as well.

    emzyarthur New Member

    OP it's nice to see someone else using fluence to great success! Looks great.

    Buy the plus model. You can get a dimmer from fluence if its too bright for the real young stages, and its a pittance more for the more powerful light.

    Spydrx plus distrubute the light from more sources so the light can be substantially closer to the plants. Very useful in a grow tent, not as important in a warehouse / 10' or higher ceiling room.

    Spydrx plus is a big square with 660 watts vs the 525w from Vyprx plus that is in a straight line. So, to get even coverage the Vyprx light has to be higher. 6" for spydrx plus 18" for vyprx plus.

    My spydrx's are always 6" from canopy and (with co2 enrichment) work great. Use them in a 5x9 tent.

    For an oblong tent (2x4, 3x5 etc) the Vyprx plus are the clear choice. Form factor is perfect.

    They're bulky as shit and the little plastic pieces that hold the lights on suck. The vypr is a superior mechanical unit as far as fit and finish, ease of assembly lol.

    Once installed (I put in body first, then the light stalks) raising and lowering the spydrx can be done with one hand for an average adult. Anybody can do with two hands.

    Both are fantastic lights, am looking in Vyprx's for a long row of hydro tables, one over each 4' section.

    Also the Vyprx plus are like 60% of the spydrx plus cost. Would be worth it to run two vyprx in a tent with adequate co2 levels.

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