Wake n Bake, Nothing Better!


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They just began flowering maybe 2 weeks ago; the 2nd pic dead center is a flower out of focus lol. I'll over winter them in the greenhouse and they should kick ass next spring
I bring mine in the house every winter, it doesn't like not having enough light but it comes back strong in the spring. I like how the flowers are green tinged. You have to munch one down once you get them, for science...lol.

Dr.Amber Trichome

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Errands done for the day before 9am!!


Now I just get to get high and hang out with my kiddo all day. Life is goooooooood!

Happy Saturday my marvelous misfits!!! I love you all!!!
I love you too. Have a nice day! I wrapped up a bunch of art work and getting ready to move. Now I am soaking in the tub contemplating life.


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I went out and worked on my outdoor plant. I trimmed a bazillion fan leaves off. It was knocked over again, this time snapping a few branches. Some were taped, one is drying in my garage. I propped it back up, tied it up, and gave it a good drink of tea. The next week looks nice, hopefully I can fatten it up a tad more. Oh and of course I did find a wee bit of rot, but that's removed.

I don't count on a thing outdoors, but I hope I can at least harvest this 1 plant to reward my efforts a little.