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I always wanted to make a bamboo bong, it always cracked on me when drying though. There is a patch of the big stuff the next road over. I wouldn't plant it here unless it was contained somehow, very invasive.
Yeah, the spreading varieties include the timbers, the clumpers tend to be the small diameter types. For drying/curing they have to be kept under humidity. I made a small drying chamber with poly tarps and visqueen with a sand floor and had drip style sprinkler emitters to wet the sand a few times/week. Greatly minimized the cracking, just takes a lot longer


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In the kitchen, contacts made my eyes impervious to the onion off-gassing when chopping onions or shallots. It was like a kitchen superpower…lol

Not everyone is a good candidate. You have to have a stable prescription that doesn’t change as you age. Or else, you could get lasik, your eyes continue to change, and you need glasses again in a few years anyway
My brother had it done and I believe he had to get it redone a few years later and he hated driving at night now.


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OK everybody sit down you ain’t gonna believe this.

Got a call from pharmacy approving my Otezla. Zero co-pay.

Same call discussing my Enbrel. For some reason now instead of zero co-pay it’s $12,000 a month. That’s right $12,000 a month for 4 Mini injectors.

Made several other calls. Being on disability, I make too much money.

I swear to God somebody better come get me.
That is going to really cut into your dabbing routine!! Just kidding and hopefully your doctor can get this straightened out, because they can't expect you to pay that much. Probably if the doctor says it is medically necessary they will give it to you...I hope!!

Florida is f***ed up. NY is too, but we have great health insurance.