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I do not eat hot peppers or sauces so have no hot pepper story of my own.:cool:

The worst I have heard was a friend was growing habaneros.
His 6yr old grandson was visiting, plucked a ripe one and swallowed it before the kid or anyone else knew what had happened.

I'm told the next few hours were miserable and the kid was not ok some days later.:cry:
you ever take a piss after cutting one of those?


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you ever take a piss after cutting one of those?
Not habaneros.

I like to grow chillies just for the color in the garden.

Ornamental peppers are a favorite.

The Thai peppers make a nice border plant.

My wife uses few of the Thai peppers to cook with.
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Yes I have learned the hard way to practice proper gardening hygiene.
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I keep telling myself to order the willie pepper seeds.

These I believe would be hard to swallow.

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Ever cut some hot peppers up and go pee? LOL
From a male POV when your young and highly sensitive it feels like the fires of hell will never subside . However when you are goat balled old and desensitized from a life time of over use the burn is more of a welcomed tingle .

One thing I’ve notice err been TOLD/cussed at and immediately shut down from further exploration of is the vagina especially the clitorial hood region . It appears it does not desinsitize w/age and is not a welcomed burn ie emotion lotion but this has only been encountered w/premenopausal vaginas,hope that helps .

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