Washing Machine Do It Yourself Resin Separator Everything you need to know

Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by marijuananation, Oct 19, 2010.


    Jimmycrickets Member

    Very cool. It game me an idea on how to mix up your water and trim easier too if you dont wanna make a giant washing machine one.

    Just put trim in ice water in a airtight box, then put box in dryer and turn dryer on "fluff" setting. Beats me using a damn drill for hours.

    tdins2020 Member

    Hey Fdd2blk,

    this thread was a wonderful read. i am getting ready to make some bubble hash with a bulk amount of trim this harvest season. do you have a more recent thread with this information or a post that combined it? kind of like a updated version of everything here. either way, thanks for the knowledge.


    JealousGreen Well-Known Member

    Question for any experts on the Ice wax tek. I've got a harvest right freeze dryer and I'm not sure what the proper shelf temp is that I should set it to to properly dry the hash. Any help would be appreciated.

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