Water flow timing difference



Was setting up an auto irrigation system using manifolds etc...i didn't have the time to test but the answer my seem obvious...just wanted to get some input. If you have (2) 1/4" tubing lines filling up a bucket at 25 seconds.....if you were to TEE the 2 lines so have 4 filling up a bucket would the timing change?

My initial thought was it would be slower since they line is being split. I have 3 bubbler manifolds with 8 ports/lines all with 2 open flow tubing's running to pots. So one bubbler manifold feeding 4 pots. I wanted to tee all the lines and I thought upon doing so with pump and everything remaining the same if fill speed would be the same.



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Balancing flow to all plant sites is most easily accomplished using a larger diameter main line "loop" with reducing TEE take offs for each site keeping the length of tubing for each site the same. On larger systems you can use valves on the sites closer to the pump to restrict flow and balance the feed.