Water less often DTW


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Ive read a bit here and there and im not understanding when people say they feed 2 3 or more times a day. Honestly thats insane! 1 gallon per plant every 2 or 3 days im lazy and my watering system is hard because of lack of space but i use a water transfer pump works well. Any ways so i make tea sort of with tm7bio ag humic + then calmg then nutes g-b-r. I moderately pump the water nutes over medium of rockwool and clay pebs. Also use hydroguard for fishy smells and bad algae. Could just cover top of med but harder to water drain to waste. Thought i should post and get some thoughts from u growers out there check out growdiares.com xspellsx .....heres my girls 6 weeks in flwr watered every 3 days monday then next would be thursday then sunday like that....


multifeeding only works with big plants in relatively small containers
in rockwool you will get the best results will several small shots through the day


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I feed my plants 6x a day in one minute shots. Plants are in #3 pots of promix outside and got about 5-6' tall before they started flopping over. This is my first run in this style and i'm digging it, plants are really healthy and next to zero tip burn.


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i also grow with promix in 3 gallon pots. the plants drink about half a gallon every 24 hours. whether i give them 1/8 gallon four times a day, 1/4 gallon twice a day, 1/2 gallon once a day, 1 gallon every other day. they dont give a shit.

if you use a drip system or don't water to run off you just absolutely have to watch out for nutrient build up in your medium. For me i find the easiest thing is watering the whole garden to runoff every other day.