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Hello fellow gardeners I'm Savvygrower and I am setting up my very first grow here in Washington state under our medical laws. I've been setting up my grow tent over the last 2 months and have had lots of feedback from this forum. I plan on documenting my experience from start to finish and listing all the parts and pieces and ingredients i use. I've been a garden helper for many years but have never established my own setup. I would love to here any advice or feedback on my up coming progress. I will be uploading some progress videos to YouTube @Savvy grower and you can follow me on instagram @savvygrower.

Keep growing on my dudes. View attachment 4385396
Love it look right out your window and there she is.great work


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Hello everyone! Just joined a few days ago, long time grower. Check out my 600W LED grow journal!


@MickAff welcome to Roll It Up. What are you growing first?
G'day inDC4NOW, and thanks for the welcome.

I'm not sure.

3/10 seeds made it to me intact from a friend in Canada. All I know is that they are from Jordan of the island genetics.
He says they should be fire.
I havent had the heart to tell him 7 were crushed.... :(

And I got 25 seeds from an ex workmate.

He says they are blueberry?

I'm not set up to grow yet.

Hoping to learn from this great site, first


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Hi everyone! Im Mildew and i have been off the weed for 3 1/2 years :( Wanting to get back into it, so i have set up a 4x4 600w coco system with 4 GG#4 and 2 White Widows (photoperiod) . I did heaps of 400w MH/soil SOG growing about 15 years ago (great weed, terrible yields), but standards have clearly gone way up since then - seeing people yield 1KG in a 4x4 space is just incredible :) Even though im out of practice i would like to use all the latest methods - LST / SCROG / cautious defoliate / extra red spectrum and UV LEDS. Got some questions about the 660/730/UV stuff that i will post in the advanced forum.


Hello all!
I am new on this forum, but i have been growin for about 7 years now..
Always used HPS/HID, but now i've got some LED lights and pretty happy with them.
I will post some grows over here too!


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Hi Guys!

finnaly registered after so many years. Just wanted to say hello and thanks for all the informations posted here.

Time for me to contribute as well :)