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Hi I'm mike from UK joined forum yesterday it's a quality site with a mass of knowledge and experienced people so happy I came across this already have so much useful info thank you


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I fine thanks! I found that forum when I was looking for information how to build COB led panels to grow. COB`s are new for me, before I was growing under HPS`s. I hope you are fine as well!
Alls good here, thanks. Well you found the right place, there is some top diy led talent and great knowledge here.


Thanks so much I literally just signed up on here and so far everything's been incredibly easy to navigate and people have been incredibly helpful. What a chill site this seems to be, thank you again


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Hi all from Atlanta! Smoking is just my Mickey Mouse habit, but it will be interesting to make some new friends that can take the view


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Hi! Me and my hubs just moved, a lot more space now to grow. haven't grown in a while, so interested to see all the developments since then. Happy to be here with y'all!


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Hi everyone just joined today, am a grower on industrial hemp( greenhouse ) in Ontario just started harvesting my first crop and it has been a very inte
resting grow so far
I just joined too..... I'm just from South of you...... Can't wait for the boarder to open up again!!!!! I miss Canada


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Hello everyone! Of all the forums come across this one seems to have the chilliest of vibes. I like that and I appreciate that. About a year ago growing was practically prescribed to me for PTSD. And they were right. I wish I would have done this years ago. A lot of good info on here looking forward to learning more.