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We now allow trading, as many of you know I said I could scream it from the rooftops when it happened so take that as this

We have some rules towards this in addition to the general TOS

I am not your trading meditator, Rollitup takes no part in this, you are here at your own RISK
We will not intervene , I will NOT mediate any disputes, I'm not your bank etc.

Do not involve me. Or any other mods

You will not; do any call out posts, or get into arguments over this on the forum, that includes DM’s we won't allow that.

You will not ever DOX anyone. Be safe and discreet.

There is no trading etc. of actual dried and cured product.
No Cuts/ Clones just seeds, equipment, glass

As above this all at your own risk.

If you are a business, and I Consider breeders profiting off their seeds as a business, people who are already selling their stock at shops, strainley etc. You cannot use this area. That is marketing/advertising. Please contact me if you'd like to advertise. We'd be happy to have you.

So with that be a good member and do good, don't ruin this for everyone.


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Yikes. Didn't even think of that. This could get messy quick lol
People need to be smart about it so they don't ruin it for everyone. You don't have to exchange personal information if you don't want. There's other ways this could be really cool too. This thread's a perfect example: