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    Hi im on my week 7 of flower going on to 8 in a couple days then flushing after i have 3 white queens under a 600w hps plants have been pruned of most leaves to create way for light onto the buds. unfortunately I cant get any photos up yet due to the websites uploading issues. What tips can i get for getting my buds larger or at least anything to improve weight. Im using the complete Advanced Nutrient line up. At the moment im using the bloom A&B, B-52, overdrive, bud candy.

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    great nutrient line up. leaves photosynthesize, probably a better option to remove the budding sites, only if they're lower than you're light penetration, about 18 inches is good. that way you can still claim defoliation rights, enjoy the sick practice, and not cause any plant damage or suffer from less photosynthesis:-P

    anything you could have done to increase weight, enlarging buds would have been done earlier than a week before harvest man. like longer veg time, thats a winner every time. proper temps/RH/ph, quality water, co2 augmentation, air circulation, those are the only tricks
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    I agree with Chem; part of fast vigorous growth in veggie is because it has so many leaves readily available to synthesize the light into chemical energy. I am sure there are a few things you could do to give your plants the "extra mile" so to speak, but it will be nothing of significant difference or even noticable difference at this late stage in their life cycle. I do as Chem says; I focus more on trimming bud sites getting little light rather than leaves that are blocking them. Of course leaves will still need to be trimmed, just go easy on cutting off leaves that are getting good light as this is where the energy to grow your bud will eventually be produced....
    Don't get down about it; a successful harvest is nevertheless successful, your next grow is sure to impress you as we always improve each grow.
    Happy growing!
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