what cannabis does NOT help with?

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    Janjuko New Member

    okay im an avid cannabis user and i use it a lot, medically of course. Sometimes i wonder tho, after all these years of finding new uses for it and how it can help in every aspect of my life....what exactly does it NOT help with.

    Cuz we all need a little weed in our life but is there ever a reason not too? :P
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    Rooster802 Active Member

    In most places in the world it can still make you break out in handcuffs....
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    thegyoseedbank Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser

    too much may bring on anxiety and paranoia. Besides that, go ahead and smoke away. I heard pepper corn can help with the anxiety and paranoia.

    Janjuko New Member

    Black pepper could help with that too? I may have heard this

    I never get paranoid or anxious, only when it was illegal. Its now legal and i fucking dance and parade around with my marijuana use now. I fought hard for that right!

    However yes it may still result in handcuffs haha! I knew i would get some funny posts. Keep em coming :) i enjoy this :)

    Clearly marijuana has no negative side effects and will never not help you. And never hurts anything. Other than maybe lung tissue from smoking but i mostly eat and vape it and smoke recreationally. Also in particular because when i make edibles and have such a good time and its so strong i get to this point like "i barely used any herb for all these edibles.....how do i get rid of it now!!!" Like its too potent too much edibles for too long im like how do i get rid of this ounce now sometimes lol.

    Small joke and excuse to get myself to smoke tho XDDD

    Dam diabolical plant i made juice for the first time yesterday and omg i feel asleep 2 hours earlier than normal and woke up like 12 hours later....still feeling it and i took a sip more to freshen the breathe in the morning and watered it way down.....still super strong lmao. HOW DO I GET RID OF IT. If the medicine is this strong and i only need about a cup every 12 hours.....then how do i get rid of two half gallons (whole gallon total) of cannabis juice at the rate of 1 cup every day as im only awake that much as i sleep 12 hours lol. *goes look up how many cups are in a gallon* (16 cups btw)

    Lol my math says itll last me half a month XD. My plants definitely vegetate massive amounts of leaves way before then tho and this is so not going to be a daily occurrence. Especially since you cant buy precious juice as this at the shop.
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