What is the cheapest to run and most efficient source of heat for lights out ?


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ATM I'm using a 2000 watt oil filled radiator
I have it on the lowest setting and it heats the tent up to a reasonable 23 from 18 . The tent is a 4x4x8 . Outside the tent is 15-16°c.

So it does the job . I'll be switching to 12/12 and il be turning my qb dial up. As it is the heater even on Its lowest setting pretty much supercedes the financial benefit of switch to 12/12 .

It cost most.tomrum.the heater than the quantum board and all the fans combined

Has anyone used infrared?


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If you got the room. Could try a water barrel. That’s what I use in the green house. Absorbs heat during the day. And gives off heat at night.

never tried in a tent though.

I had a little 150watt “desk” heater for my 3x3. It worked good for keeping lights off a bit warmer.
but didn’t see any gains really and stopped using it.