what strains are around the ol' 207?


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I got Gorilla Glue #4 (The Real One)
Cherry Pie
91 Chemdawg
Gelato Cookies
Goji OG
DJ Shorts Grape Krush
Grape Stomper
Jilly Haze
Pineapple Express (Clone Only) **
Rhineapple Express
Chems sister
Chem4 (Clone Only)
BubbleDawg (Clone Only)
Burmese Kush
Landrace Afghani
Landrace Paki
Blue Magoo
DumpsterDawg (Clone Only)

The Pineapple Express I Reversed myself and I never really liked the strain until I found that particular cut Because nothing I've ever run across ever lived up to the hype and that's why I had reversed it to preserve it because it was the lbest version of that strain I'd ever run across


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Only a few. Old MOB and Blue OG that I got from a member here a few years back, running indoors.

I bought some seeds last winter from Ethos - Mandarin Sunset, and Seed's Here Now - Amnesia and a stray cut of Tangerine Dream that are both in & out(one run in and one run out of those 3).

This is all for me and my good buddy's wife who has cancer. Whatever I grow, I'll split with them 50:50. I give away free handfuls to my bandmates and friends as a rule, but I always have enough around to keep my epilepsy at bay.