What's going on with this Grapefruit Kush?


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Hey all, got a grapefruit kush with some rust spots and minor droop starting. I flipped to flower a little less than a week ago, and didn't think she would start needing watering twice a day quite yet, but she was pretty damn dry this AM. So no problem, schedule amended.

She is in a 5 gallon cloth pot in coco/perlite
Gh trio @ 4ml each plus calimagic @5ml per gallon
Mid 70s lights on, 70ish lights off
Viparspectra P2500 @ 20 inches
Ph to 6.0 +/- .2 each watering
RH is in the mid 40s, and stays there all day

Should I worry about these issues, or wait until she has been getting 2 feedings for a while to check back in?




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She is an undesired pheno. Puffy, but healthy. Stinks like old lemons, at least another month yet. It's the one in the front right with less bud structure than the ones surrounding. Lucas 8/16 plus calmag did perk her up! They love it.20210318_093056.jpg