What's wrong w/ this floorplan?

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    I wish I would have thought of the middle door at first.

    I've been trying to figure out which side would be best for veg or bloom. The South is the outside wall so that would be cooler, for bloom.

    My exhaust fan Vents to the outside through the buildings sewer vent. That was a lot of work.

    Right now I'm trying to figure out air flow from north to south side. I'm guessing that veg side would need the fresher air from the floor level, more than flower side?

    Right, definitely vent from the top.

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    Right, there isn't any way I'm going to be able to get around plants especially since I'm a big clodhopper. Just would end up beating up the plants.

    I haven't done anything but over grow. Today I get to remove the ceiling so I can get more light height.

    Must start flowering cycle sooner. Maybe at 6 weeks?
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    Yeah I got to use my space wisely. That's why I'm making separate veg and flower areas. I'm too big to wriggle around anything LOL.

    Preventing Bleeding light into the flower area is going to be challenging. I think I only needed or on the flower side though.

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    With a vertical garden I wouldn't have to move the door, but I would lose a separate flowering area.


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    I have some stink migrating. A vapor barrier on the ceiling should fix it. Abandoning my ceiling / light system to maximize height. Existing door interferes with a dedicated flower area.

    It is working well, thankfully each grow is getting better. I underestimated how much planning / work it would be. I thought I'd have it more automated too.

    When I made the door, I was more concerned about it being concealed. A new one would be a little more concealed but only have 4 foot clearance, have several other improvements and radical hinge design.

    Great link - thanks.

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