What's wrong with my plants? Pictures included.

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    Just looking for some information from growers who might have had the same issues.

    First off growing in coco for the first time. Never had these issues with soil. Also the Grodan cubes I used decided to start molding after 4 days. The paper on then anyway.

    Just the leaf picture.. only plant doing this.

    And the two in the front they are cookies kush, and are not filling in very well.

    And they are all growing very slow. Seeds germinated on 2-4-17.

    Using general hydroponics flora micro, flora grow, flora bloom amd cali-magic. I've got a blue lab guardian that is calibrated. Try to feed and just plain water at a pH of 5.8 to 6.2. Under 1200w's, air cooled reflectors 18-24"s away. I had co2 but the burner was a piece of crap woke up several times to the smell of propane. Room is currently at 558ppm. 18 on 6 off.

    Need any more info just ask.


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    What's the humidity and temperature?

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    "Using general hydroponics flora micro, flora grow, flora bloom amd cali-magic"

    geesh dude, they're just babies aye
    at that size my pro mix hunnies only have been dosed one time with some fish powder. you are over feeding these imo, look at the leaves, they so wanna taco up on you too.

    what is the ppm of your feed btw?
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    Weak small sad stressed and miserable. All the money you have put into this you need to fix what is wrong to stop it happening over and over again. stop the sprinklers, reduce watering all together, stop feeding,reduce wattage and raise the light. If you can put them out in the sun for 2 weeks even better.
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    dont panic, switch to organic
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    Sorry for taking awhile to respond been very buys with work. Humidity is 50% in room, the humidifier rubs at max all day and can't get it any higher. Temperature is at 75 during the day never any higher, night temps are 73. Ppm for nutrient solution is around 450 ppm. That's before I put the seedlings in. Watering by hand for the next week until I feed them all. And I'm not over watering, I feed until there is a 10% run off. Then another 2 days before it's time to feed again. And then going outside is out of the question, defeats the purpose of being indoor. Plus it takes awhile to carry out 60 pots.

    I think my issue was the rock wool, the paper on them had mold growing. Plus they were the wrong size, said they were 1.5" but they do not fit in the Grodan grow tray. And they should fit since they are Grodan cubes. I popped another 30 seeds in the cheaper rock wool cubes I had. And 26 of them popped and are growing great.

    But does anyone know what caused that leaf to look the way it did? I have seen lots of problems before. Just not that one.

    Thanks again.

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    Feed tea and relax.

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    Is that 1200m HID ? I think that's overkill for the small cabinet. Can you back off the wattage a little?

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