whats your favorite game while stoned?


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I keep replaying the first few missions and haven't finished the whole game. Lol
I was exactly the same with season 1, which I still haven't finished until today. But this one, I just went through all the missions and now am just replaying them :D



Right now I'm playing My defi pet. I really like this game - there are such cute animals))) But most of all I like that there you can earn real money. When I do that and I think I can sell or buy things for real money the game becomes even more interesting)))
I think it's time to revisit Persona 5 Royal for that 100% completion. That will hold me over until I convince myself to buy Back for Blood.


Everyone plays such different games. I have very little time for that. But I try to do at least one hour a day because it makes me less stressed. Besides, I really earn a little money with the virtual game my defi pet.
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If you really want to have some non-stop yuks, be exhilarated and like adventure you must give the game " Helter-Skelter In The Cornfield " a go. it's simple; round up that cool crew......find very large mature cornfield......wait till twilight then walk to center of field and open bag of mushrooms, start munching! ......wait till pitch black.( and shrooms kick in)..............exit maize maze ! The biggest yuk of all is when a dude or 2 or 3 etc cannot escape the clutches of this niblet bearing forest.