whats your favorite game while stoned?

Severed Tongue

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Considering the price of GPU's and the rumored way the game was overheating them. I decided I didn't want to play it. Not when I'd have to pay $950 to get my card back. Instead of $600 when I got it.
You didn't miss much. I was just looking at the forums..... it's even worse now than when I stopped logging in lol!

The only ones still playing are the toxic no lifers, that forum is a cesspool of angry manchilids lol

Willy B. Goode

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1000 and 2000 pc. jigsaw puzzles. Got one as a gift for Christmas 2019, really got into them during the pandemic, and still going strong. I walk a fine line between having this almost superhuman ability to locate pieces and sitting there staring at the thing like a complete goofball.


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If you haven’t bought it yet. I highly suggest playing the Guardians of the Galaxy The game has some great use of HDR for your 4K sets. Tons of colour to keep you entertained and the constant banter is amazing and never seems to repeat itself. At a good holiday price still at a lot of places and plays great. (bought it for my Xbox Series X)


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y'all three dont know nothing about that these days.. cmon now. 20-30 years ago, maybe. Y'all knew about sex when the landing strip was in and bill clinton was dropping loads on blue dresses and getting painted in them.. . :)


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Old fashion Jarts with heavy metal points.....its very exciting dodging incoming rounds when stoned on your ass. People didn't like it when the Jart stuck in there foot........or arm......or leg etc. .
Lol, I miss lawn darts so much. That was so much fun with whiskey because you stayed so drunkenly focused.