Whats your holy grail??


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I have some Pine tar Kush seeds that my friend bought from Tom Hill in 2000. As an out door grower in Oklahoma it is one of the plants that has consistently done the best for me. Production, quality, disease and pest resistance, all good, as well as a piney aroma I have found no where else, so far.


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Put this way my pine tar is somewhere in my Pandora’s box of seeds ( probably too many )
but you can see the Xmas bud at bottom .

And black Cherry Soda ( which I am running now ).


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Best I've smoked recently was Sundae Driver . Two strains I'd love to find that I had back in the early 2000's would be Brothers Grimm Apollo 13 and Sugar Blossom , not sure of who bred the Sugar Blossom . Those and the first plants I ever grew in '79 , all we knew was that the seeds came from Maine , were giant sized , and they called it Hindu Kush .
I just started running Burn Out (Sundae Driver x Fire Alien Kush) by Chron_Don_Genetics. I've grown a bunch of Cannarado strains, but I haven't had any Sundae Driver yet. I've only heard good things. I'm a little more excited now.

go go kid

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Growing: Still haven’t found the one, Currently still on the hunt as always. Smoking: OGs, Anything Chem or Diesel but kind of the same story, we have legal rec weed where I live now but all the weed seems to suck. I don’t even have an explanation why. It sucks to be honest lol. Where did all the good freaking weed go?
Probably grown to breeders pack specs, so needs more flowering timeto be classed as good weed, that and cureing.
one thing ive noticedis these bud tumblers to give the bud that perfect look, allit does is knockoff all the trics and let them fall into the trim tray underneath t he tumbler. Rip off if you ask me


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That's because if it was still around one of the big guys with deep pockets would buy it and make millions. Road kill skunk.. gone pre2k blueberry.. gone

People have sold lots and lots of rks and blueberry the last 20 years and nobody has found rks or blueberry like it used to be.

Sorry your "paraphrase" was dumb bro
Oh people have it they just don't even talk about it. It's like a secret society. Some cuts are not to be whored out on the internet.


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Oh people have it they just don't even talk about it. It's like a secret society. Some cuts are not to be whored out on the internet.
Agree with this. Know an old grower not too far out of Eureka, CA who has had the same cut of RKS since the 90’s. He just holds on to the cut and all his flower is sold on the free market. My uncle served in the military with him and has been one of his closest friends for decades and he won’t even give him a cut for personal use.