When does the compost tea go bad??

And even once the compromises are met, there truly isn't a blanket statement of advice to give to everyone. Environmental factors and conditions definitely come into play, and must be considered. On your harvesting note, I've always done it in stages. Only pull the entire plant if they're small plants (<4ft tall), otherwise I chop the top half and let the other half go another couple weeks.

As for the difference in bud sizes for drying, I've kept the branches separate for that exact reason. In fact, I don't even mess with the fluff anymore. Goes straight into the freezer ASAP to be turned into concentrates. Makes this so much easier, for many reasons. That, and I love bubble. If I didn't have patients that preferred flower, I'd only do bubble.

I've used Attitude for seeds for over a decade and have had zero issues with them. I've had two packages intercepted by customs, but Attitude did right by me both times with absolutely zero bullshit or issues.

I recently picked up some seeds from CropKing Seeds. They're in the states, and not overseas, so no issue with customs. Had my seeds in less than a week. However, I've only just put the seedlings into pots and I am personally uncomfortable recommending a seedbank without having a full grow under my belt from a seedbank.

That being said, what I'm seeing from them so far is rather phenomenal. Seeds cracked in under 24 hours, and the tap roots I got on most of them are some of the best I've ever seen. But, I've never used them so I'd more comfortable/confident recommending Attitude until I finish the seeds from CropKing.
I will def check out attitude seed bank. Thanks for all the tips good sir.

A lil up date on the auto that started flowering.
but my concern is 3 other plant besides this auto are from bag seeds and I’m afraid they might be a hermie. If they show signs of any balls I should pull it and kill it? I think one of them started showing signs of ball one side and hairy on one side. I do not want to ruin my auto from mephisto it’s getting really frosty already.