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    MaXaM1987 Member

    Hello all,

    Just took some photo of my baby can some tell me via the pic how long to i should start flushing and how long you think i have left cheers. Picture_20175708075734.jpg Picture_20175708075734.jpg Picture_20175708075702.jpg Picture_20175708075734.jpg

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    auto1dwc Well-Known Member

    You have several weeks to go id say,
    Lots of white pistols remain.
    What strain is she?
    And when it comes to flush I'd say about a week to ten days away.
    Your plant will still grow and swell during flush and pack on weight,

    Looking nice bro.
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    MaXaM1987 Member

    Thanks buddy it's white widow auto. I'll do a full water change this week and just run kool bloom powder for one more week then start my 4 week flush
    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    When Hell freezes over!

    The final "Flushing" is a myth!

    You can not "flush" nutrients from plants - science fact.

    The thing is, NOTHING in agriculture gets 'flushed" and that leads to little to no research in the area. You see, the thing is, the whole "idea" of "flushing is nonsense! Plants don't work that way! They do not take up nutrients or salts as most of you think of them! They do not "store" them in the sense you think of them! Not only that, but the nutritional "stores" in a plant are not in buds or budding or flowers! NO amount of "flushing" will "exchange" plant "stored" nutrition back "out" of the plant! Scientifically impossible by the way most of you guys understand......Ok, that's my word on "flushing". (No one listens to this in threads if they don't want to hear it or accept it.)

    Now then, you propose the "FADE TO FINISH" method. Great idea in theory but, and this IS a BIG BUT! Remember when I said above that "the nutritional "stores" in a plant are not in buds or budding or flowers!" ? This shoots that theory in the ass right away. You see the main amount of stored nutrition is in either the roots and the rest in leaves and some in small amounts in transit in the phloam (the sap that actually moves the nutrients around the plant)......

    Now when you "starve a plant" it will draw from it's self by actually breaking down the needed parts of it's self to do an "emergency" attempt to reproduce! (This can happen in certain plants even in veg! A kind of last ditch effort to continue the species.)

    With that in mind you take the fact that the plant is not "moving" nutrients "out" of buds, but into them to speed growth and as fast as it can - "reproduce". This single minded process the plant now puts it's self on causes the plant to stress it's self. This self induced stress can, in many cases if done long enough, lead the plant to go bisexual, and produce "banana's" in a last ditch effort to reproduce and "carry on the line" and produce seeds...

    Basically put, In reality you are moving nutrients that you're "attempting" to get rid of,,right to where your trying to remove them from! You are also stressing the plant in the way for "Herming" to actually happen easier!

    I and many others that have tried to convey this actual plant science, are called everything you can think of and those 'impossible of understanding these facts", fight so hard against us that many of us have simply chosen to avoid the issue or don't fight to hard.

    Anyway, there you are in as short and sweet and as simple/understandable as I can...

    The thing is you have to understand Botany and Horticulture (and there are LOTS of subsections to those that are involved here) to truly put together the pieces of the puzzle to get your head wrapped around the idea that flushing and the "fade" don't work for what they are intended or alleged to actually do!

    There you go Mods, nice, polite and to the point. (Sorry about the other thread Sunni)

    There you go, Now have at it!
    I'm stepping back to watch the circus.

    Read this too!


    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    when I loved on hydro I noticed that every quality nutrient system I used didnt mention any flushing on the directions.
    It did however indicate a reduction in ppm's towards the end of the chart schedules but with nutrient addition to the end.
    I followed directions with all of them and they performed awesome as directed. (title-when to feed?)
    I read to flush my hydroton with at least plain water to wash away some salts before reuse.
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    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    Flushing = Old school hippie myth. I was around and growing when this was thought up.....Crap then and crap now...
    Proper drying method and......Proper cure, proper cure, proper cure!
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    Tupapa Well-Known Member

    There's no way to say it any better!! Don't flush!! Proper drying and curing is the way to go!!
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    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    no amount of proper drying and proper curing will make poorly cared for, poorly fed/ over fed/underfed marijuanas grade a.
    the idea was cash croppers could overfeed to the end, for the cabbage weight added, then flush with water to reduce the amount of unburned carbs in the plant material. they still overfeed today for the same reason. a stupid way to grow conno weed today.

    overfed proper dry/cure weed will always be< properly fed properly dried/cured weed.
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    auto1dwc Well-Known Member

    there maybe scepticism about
    very nice strain.
    People have mixed opinions of flushing this is obviously what you have either been told about it or read it up etc..
    I flush, as I do believe it does something to the plant and taste.
    The buds in your court.
    The plants life cycle possibly won't live another 4-5 weeks.
    But do what your going to do and if it dies sooner it's a bonus.
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    Lite Well-Known Member

    Dont flush. If you want to feel like you did something then flush for 48 hours before harvest.
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    MaXaM1987 Member

    Thanks all for the replays. I'll prob just keep feeding and flush at 24 to 48 hours before harvest atm im fighting the plant to keep the buds bent over as I'm out of room and getting light burn on tops. I might see how it looks in two more weeks. I have to get my self a drying rack and try slow dry it. Also a few jars for curing this needs to be done for 1 month right?
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    Lite Well-Known Member

    The taste comes with the cure and hang dry time. I highly recommend humidipak 62's. The taste comes from the dry/cure time.
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    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    By your handle, you run auto's in DWC? That explain's enough.

    Sport, The science of the plant (and truth), trump your "belief", all day, any day... I'm afraid you can't wrap your head around it, because you have a confirmation bias problem.

    Let me guess, you did a side by side taste test to find out which one was better. That was an automatic fail in the whole principle. Your brain contains information about possible results. You tell your brain to find a difference - as you try the 2 products.

    Many years ago, Advertising and the food industry found a big problem in their taste testing in side by side. They gave people 3 products to test and were asked to tell them about them after they taste them all. The testers did and found all sorts of opinions on each product by each person testing. This seriously surprised and confused the food makers and advertisers. Because each of the three items tested...Were exactly the same thing!

    The food/advertising companies, went to a cpl of major universities and asked the psychology dept. "What's doing this?". They found the question very interesting. After a time they found the answers.

    "The brain, when given a task (tell us what you think of these three products). The brain will find difference's in things. Even when those things are the same.

    Natural, human brain response, to fill informational voids by preconceived notions or idea's. Confirmation bias.....

    The science fact's: Flushing can not remove nutrients from plants. The plant is physically not able to, by any function of the "flushing!"
    "Fade to finish" simply slows the growth of the plant to levels that decrease yields/quality/potential. It makes the plant "feed off it's self" by moving around the "stored" nutrient with in the plant. The plant sends that all to the buds to gain them time to reproduce. That's stressing the plant, That opens vectors for infestations and herming to possibly, increase.

    BTW, sport, Your flushed plant gets a signal to hurry up and die faster.... Increases ripening speed. Your losing by reducing the bulking phase and, in by far the most case's. You harvest too early. You loose potential = That translates to loss of quality by yield and for sure potency..... Your flushed plant will die, well before my feed plant! Well before!

    You flush, you lose..... Science FACT!

    This myth is supported by magazines, and their advertisers tell them too. They make products sold to help this "flush".

    I don't care what magazine it is. HT, Skunk, WEED, etc. They make little from selling the magazine! They make their money from the advertising in them... You tell readers the truth, and that their advertisers products contain a "fake" or misdirected/overblown claimed product as not doing what they sell it to you for......You gunna buy from them again?

    The manipulation of novice growers minds by companies out to simply take their money by shady, to out right lies about product performance..... Fill the flooding MM grow market with products designed to relieve YOU of your money.....

    I went to college. I'll trust real science all day long over your old school hippie myth/bro science BS anyday.....
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    Lite Well-Known Member

    good info, misspelling lose every time gave me a twitch though.
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    auto1dwc Well-Known Member

    You need to make a vid put it YouTube about this and check the debate out on there.
    Some people flush and some don't.
    He already had it in his mind to flush so leave him to it.
    All I know is I'm not taking that risk in not flushing, I have seen nasty results-- weed burning black and hard...with a nasty chemical smell.
    Any explanation for that!
    And no I didn't compare I followed reliable growers with masses of knowledge and I'm happy with my result so why would I change and screw it all up.

    Tupapa Well-Known Member

    TRUE !!!
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    Tupapa Well-Known Member

    Flush toilets not plants. Flushers always gonna flush no matter what you tell them and the biology behind it!!!
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    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    It's called a poor dry and cure!

    Did you know that using Silica and having those heavier cell walls is what makes the ash darker and the smoke burn odd? That uncured "sugars" in the material do the same? AND make for that bad taste!
    How about that a "proper" cure takes at least 4-6 weeks and that 8 weeks is even better? How about that the cure is only counted after the "drying".
    How about that material that's too dry, stops curing and remains at the level of quality it's stopped at?

    As far as YouTube goes.. By far the bulk of YT posters are full of shit, and/or themselves.... Over 40 years of growing cannabis say's so..... You defend "flushing" with absolutely NO science to back the claim!

    Flush if you like but, don't spread rumor and myth vs. science and biology!

    We all have our little OCD parts..:clap:...I have to have all my money face up and all the right way up.....I have to finish tasks or get very uncomfortable....

    I was far, far, better at math and science anyway......English was just the basic's to graduate.

    Anyway, I fixed it. You may now relax and enjoy the post...To it's full potential. :mrgreen:

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    GodfatherKCCO Well-Known Member

    Just so I can wrap my mind around this because, from the time I started researching, the large majority of the information I've gotten says to flush but the general consensus here is that's wasted effort that doesn't affect the end product in any way? Granted when I harvest I intend to flush so my environment is 'pure' and ready for the next batch. That's just good practice in any operation from manufacturing to growing but this is an entirely new thought process for me.
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    Lite Well-Known Member

    flushing expedites the maturing process because the plant knows she's dying. you want huge fat sticky buds and don't mind waiting a little longer, try not flushing.
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