when to move indoor plant outside

hey guy everytime i move a indoor plant outside it doesn't grow or it flowers straight away...

Does it have to be a seed or is clone alright..

Also im planning to do this in Australia victoria if anyone can help me with details thank you

go go kid

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the light hours outside are flowering hours, you need long days to grow and short daylight hours for flowering.
you want to grow them larger indoors b4 you put them outside


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If your going to veg indoors and flower outside you would want to slowly acclimate your plants to sunlight.

Just throw her outside and she will have a hard time.


As for putting them outside. Clone or seed, either will be fine but just like wizzleviz said you need to acclimate them and also either veg them longer if days are shorter or start them inside earlier so you can catch more hours of sunlight

Burt Hooter

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I found that putting a clone outside sent it into flower, and it sat there for 3 weeks, but if there is enough fair weather left? it will flip back and start to grow ,and as seasons change, flower again.
I would suggest Indica, it flowers the fastest. and get the clone outside as soon as possible in the spring, it can take more cold than you think.


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Clones or seeds will work, IMO seeds are more forgiving when going from inside to outside, but clones work just fine too.
If you are doing this outdoors in Australia, the hours of daylight decreasing right now. Looks like your light hours outside are approximately 11 1/4 hours right now, any plant you put outside right now will flower based on the decreasing daylight hours.

I like to use this site to calculate daylight hours, but there are others. https://www.timeanddate.com/sun/australia/melbourne