Where to spray my silver.

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I'm trying to grow some pollen sacs and I've been spraying my plant mostly on the main branch and all of the nodes, spraying some on the very top bud with colloidal silver. My question is, are you supposed to spray directly on the buds or am I looking at bud rot if I do?



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Is it ok to spray on buds this size?
You need to research how to reverse a plant. You start spraying before the plant starts flowering. That plant is already way into flower. It may start producing male pollen sacs eventually if you keep spraying it but I would just start over with a plant that hasn't started flowering. Take a vegging plant and start spraying a week before you flip to 12/12 and keep spraying until you see pollen sacs forming.

Also, where did you get the colloidal silver and how long have you been spraying? I ask because CS will funk up the leaves somewhat and I don't see any of that with that plant. If you bought some health product online there is a good chance it won't work anyway.


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And when you see sacs, do you stop spraying? I've also read that you just keep spraying until they are ready to harvest?