Which Runtz Cannabis Strain Is Actually Worth Trying? Win RUNTZ MUFFIN – 2 Prizes!


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Please, I would love to grow this strain again. I currently have a Barneys Farm Runtz Muffin that's at 5 weeks from flip. She is basically shoved in a closet. In 3 gallon super soil and el cheapo led light. She is a solid fast grower. And it's very dense already, and smells of ripe oranges and lavender. :weed:
Runtz Muffin


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I've not grow any Runtz, but they are on the list! A win here would certainly move them up that list!


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Gotta be RUNTZ MUFFIN from Barney's seeds, brilliant company for brilliant seeds.
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Never tried a Runtz strain before. This would be the perfect chance to start! I love fruity citrusy terp profiles. And I love muffins! What's there to lose right? Thanks for the opportunity :weed: