Which strains DON'T smell like pine, lemon or berries?

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    Lets get real, Ill have to try all these new +30% phenos out there like AK 49 or Ghost OG

    But IMHO nothing beats true 90s strain both in potency AND taste

    After 90s only Aks, whites and purps and a few kush I like

    But as for potency, I tried matanuska thunderfuck once and it was like.... in fact around a decade years later circa 2009, was just looking for a dub and my guy usually doesnt do that but since hes an old schooler told me well fine ok personal shit he had from uknown cali 90s strain,I suspect it was cali grown matanuska thunderfuck, same high, but had similar aspect, I never been so tripped out with weed in my life, total psychedelic trip not akin to pure sativas nor a blasted effect like AK. It was like visuals and traces like acid or shrooms. NOT for the n00b toker, even in my experience I could barely handle it and was not ready for such a bong rip, especially when yu havent toked for like a week and that sudden rush... Can be scary.
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    I grew up on skunk varieties in the late 80s & 90s, most memorable I found in Vermont 1994 from an old hippy, literal road kill smell...
    Big Bud back then was a skunk dominant strain, Ive came across some pre98 BB and can say it may be pre 98 but not pre 97 lol. Still has some skunk kick to it still, but not what we are talking about..

    Growing some Rage OGK from moscas now, got it due to its genetics of Sour Kush & Legend OG...
    Stinky dankness all the way, no berrie or lemon pine here, strong diesel with a musky undertone... Honestly OG's and Diesels are the closest thing I have found in recent years, more of the modern day dank...

    Had some Platinum OG that had a very musky fuel smell as well...

    thisusernameisnottaken Well-Known Member

    You think its around?
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    kona gold

    kona gold Well-Known Member

    I totally agree that that the peak of cannabis genetics was in the 90's.
    Variety, potency and flavors were more extreme!!
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    Z3r0Z3r0 Well-Known Member

    Matanuska? Probably in california, I know they still even have fruity pebbles there!!! No seeds to grow but you can get buds

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    llnknth Well-Known Member

    nevilles haze

    LETS BAZE Well-Known Member

    The last time I ever smelled that roadkill real deal skunk spray in the face was about 2004-2005 on the east coast. I went home with a friend to smoke and his dad was a old timer hippie kinda guy. I had what the east cost was calling dro at the time and his dad had that road kill straight skunk spray weed. He didn’t grow or nothing just had a bag of it. I dnt remember the high cuz we were all smoking everything but I will never forget that smell cuz it was the exact smell of a skunk road kill spray. And I definitely haven’t smelled in none of these strains that are available.
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    llnknth Well-Known Member

    bc seedking has original bc kush,joey weed has ak47

    jimihendrix1 Well-Known Member

    The Nature Farm Genetics has the Original Skunk81.... AKA Sk1, and I'm talking .... THE ORIGINAL made by Uncle Fester.... Early 60s college Psyc Professor turned.... HELLS ANGEL in 1965, and had Skunk as an IBL by 1969, but there are many phenos in the original, and RKS is but 1. RKS is around 20% of the phenos, and there are Onion, Body Odor. Garlic phenos, Cheese, Floral, Chemical Spray Fuel, and a mix of all of it.

    This Uncle Fester is also NOT to be confused with the UF the Bomb Maker, Meth Maker, and Author... Nope SK81 UF is dead, and was born around 1935. Modern UF is under 60 years old.

    This Sk81 is 2/3 Sativa, but as of right now, is Sold Out.
    The 81 in Sk81 stands for 8 is the 8th letter in the alphabet, which is H, and A is the 1st letter.. Thus 81 signifies the Oakland Chapter of the Hells Angels CLUB 81 as it is also known.

    Master Thai also has this strain, and IS Uncle Festers Nephew. but got the Nor Cal community mad at him because he lied about letting the genetics out in original form, and not charging arms, legs, and first born children to get seeds. Some were asking $500 a pack, when U Mello had them for $80.:weed::weed::fire::fire::cuss::cuss::cuss:

    So Umello released the genetics, and have been sold out for a long time. He does have crosses.:fire:

    Dominion Seed Company as has been mentioned earlier has FIRE in the Dominion Skunk, Granny Skunk, and the Sis Skunk. If youre interested in some old genetics don't let these get away..
    Dominion also has the Original 80s Super Sativa Seed Club Sk1, which is basically the SAME as Uncle Festers Sk81, but just bred by different people.
    In reality sam hthe Ratm/Skunkman Watson was an apprentice breeder with Sacred Seeds, who had been around since 1948, and was founded by an original Hells Angles Member.

    In 1952-53 seds were brought back during the Korean War and became what is know as the Original Romulan.
    Ratman started working with the DEA after he was arrested, and got Sacred Seeds Busted, and basically had a deal that the DEA would leave Seeds, and plants with still intact rootballs in the garbage after the bust, ungarded, so Ratman went ond got pounds, and pounds of the original seeds, and plants, and took them to Europe where he started working with Flying Dutchmen, Super Sativa Seed Club, Nevil, and others I'm probably missing, but after they found out whae Ratman did, they severed ties with him, but still had some of the original genetics.

    Ratman then proceded to breed the FUNK out of and made it sweeter, and more floral, and bred more towards the Afghan Phenotype, and is more like 50/50 pheno vs 2/3 Sativa as per the Original.

    But Dominion/Duke Diamond VA does have the real shit, and the Mother of the Dominion Skunk is called... POLE CAT.

    Dominion/AKA Diamond Duke VA also uses the SKELLY CUT of the Pacific Northwest Clone Only Mom Hashplant from 1989. This is THE most sought after cut of what is called a HP there is. Skelly is also known as PUCK, and was also originally available in the Super Sativa Seed Club 1984 Catalog, and was found in 1989, and is still alive.
    Nevil also used this cut for his breeding program.
    Diamond Duke also has the original clone only Virginia Beach Afghani, which I believe is from 1991, and is the product of over 2000 plants selection.
    He also has the original Chem91 VA.

    Coastal Seeds has some killer Heirloom/IBL Kandahar NL1 crosses. NL1 IS IBL Pre Soviet Kandahar
    NL1 x Puck/Skelly Hashplant. AKA PUCK YEAH.

    NL1 x Original Afghan #1

    NL1 x Romulan.

    Swami Organic Seeds.

    Blue Orca Haze.

    1971 Kandahar x 1976 Dealers Choice Highland Blue Thai.. Same genes DJ Short used, and was given to him by The Brotherhood of Eternal Love. The Female of this called Blue Orca, and her sister.. THE ONE, are the oldest known marijuana clones, and have been around since 1983.

    Clackamas COOT who is an original BOEL MEMBER gave GAS/Swami the original Genetics, along with others.
    Swami has a killer selection of old school polyhybrid crosses.
    Swami also has the original Mr Greengenes Cherry Bomb/Maui Wowie 1979 IBL

    NONE if this stuff tastes like this modern stuff.

    Trippyness Well-Known Member

    Sin Mint Cookies by Sin City Seeds. Dank as all fuck. My Pheno #3 of 10 tests at 31.8. Tastes like a cocoo cookie with some freshmint as well as some kush undertones. Its expensive but worth it for the right pheno

    Z3r0Z3r0 Well-Known Member

    Always wanted to try Romulan, your saying its a landrace from Korean regoin?!?!?

    jimihendrix1 Well-Known Member

    It used to be. I think the REAL Romulan is around in clone only now.

    Coastal Seeds has a NL1 x Romulan cross.

    Z3r0Z3r0 Well-Known Member

    But the genetics come from the Korean asian reason?
    Im asking cause I read a blog one day about these american back pack travelers, dude said he got in NK and smoked bud their and the working class actually toke and the NK state turns the blind eye, other drugs they execute you, but this cannabis strain which may I add is rare and doesnt look like bud, they say the flower is weird, and they smoke with newspaper cause they dont have rolling papers.... Dunno maybe it was a troll blog. Asked an old friend, he said thats bs, they woudlnt let an american in their even if a hippy drifter, they dont know what or who he is.

    jimihendrix1 Well-Known Member

    #1... Aint No Backpacker going through NK. Period.

    #2. I never saw the original as by the 80s, or 90s, it was bred with other sstuff, and was a different looking plant from the original.

    YES. The Genetics came from I believe SOUTH Korea. From what I understand most of the NK stuff is either Hemp, or Ruderalis, or both.

    I believe the original was a Narrow Leaf, and later on when Sacred Seeds got busted, it was passed on, and changed from its original look, and bread to a Broad Leaf.

    I cant say about the Buzz either as I never smoked the ORIGINAL.

    Z3r0Z3r0 Well-Known Member

    Thank you for confirming that

    Bakersfield Well-Known Member

    Get ahold of some Chem D. There's nothing sweet, piney, or berry like in its rotten funk.
    Potent as fuck, as well.
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    tstick Well-Known Member

    Check this out! This looks like legit real Thai weed to me....might even be opiated sticks! Anyway....just thought I'd share.


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