White, sticky substance? HELP?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by ganjalovefever, May 23, 2008.


    ganjalovefever Active Member

    my sprouts are about 5 days old, and things have been going smoothly, until tonight i check on my plants, and there is a white, sticky, glue-like substance growing on the surface of the soil. it almost has roots over the surface as well.

    anyone know what this might be?

    and what i might be able to do to fix it?

    ganjalovefever Active Member

    and should i skip watering tonight?

    come_gr0w_with_us Well-Known Member

    man i dont know, kinda sounds like you spooged on your plants, but im no professional. I see no reason for the soil to turn white, maybe some pics would be helpful.

    ganjalovefever Active Member

    the problem is, i only have webcam, and i tried taking a pic, but it just looks so small and there's no detail whatsoever.

    and it really does look like splooge. everything was fine 5 hours ago. it's also developed on my onions and dill since i posted this.

    i've never seen anything like it...


    ganjalovefever Active Member




    this is the best i could do as far as pictures go, the first two are dill. those just sprouted today, and i dunno what's going on with all that. i know they're done for.

    but the last pic is the best i could get of my sprout. the pot is heavier to hold up to my cam, so it makes it awkward, so i got as close as i could with my laptop.

    it's getting a foamy texture and a more yellowish color now.

    whatever it is, it's coming on fast.

    some kind of fungus maybe?

    oh, i'm so over-whelmed :cry:

    come_gr0w_with_us Well-Known Member

    man im no expert, but the experts wont respond to my questions either. The best i could tell you is since there just sprouts and the shit is growing, i would change the soil and think about the environment. Sound like a fungus or a mold. I would transplant in store bought soil and keep humidity in check. also clean the growroom. are you growing in your basement or something? good circulation and fresh air should also prevent this from happening again.

    CheefinLikeAnIndian420 Active Member

    i used to grow shrooms. that's fungus my friend...get that shit out of there, ASAP

    and umm...transplant it maybe, spores are everywhere now

    iBLaZe4tozErO Well-Known Member

    someone sperm nute-d ( haha) ur plants

    Acidburn999819 Well-Known Member

    wow that is something totally new. Does it have the consistancy of a fungus or mold.....that shit just looks weird! although it could just be that you make your plants happy any they are all males and just spooge all day....maybe? anyone else?
    I dont smoke

    I dont smoke Active Member

    you totally came all over your plants and posted the pic
    Florida Girl

    Florida Girl Well-Known Member

    I think it's fungus. Did you use the same soil on all the plants (dill and marijuana)?

    I'm growing my marijuana indoors in hydro... but I have tomatoes growing outdoors in soil in containers (because of our fire ant problem) and the soil looked a bit sketchy when I opened the bag.... I threw away the 1/2 of the bag that looked bad.... but used the other half on my tomatoes. My tomatoes have little mushrooms growing in the containers... DAMMIT! I keep pulling them out... but they keep growing back.

    I bought the soil from Lowes... and the bags sit in the outdoor garden section.... so they get rained on ... and here in the South... hot humid weather I'm guessing the soil if not sold right away grows fungus in the bags.

    Go to the garden center and try to get some fungus spray that is safe for edibles.... either that or throw everything out..... clean and disinfect all pots and gardening tools and start again.

    Good luck
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    Budda_Luva Well-Known Member

    thats definantly fungus its probably ur soil where did u get it from???/ CHANGE IT NOW or transplant ur plants

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