Who has experience spraying Avid?

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    I'm in serious need of someone with personal experience using Avid. I'm sick and tired of the mites coming back, so I've decided to bite the bullet and spray avid. Now before anyone says that's fucked up: I know it is, I'm just going to spray my current plants, clean them, clone them, then kill them. NO FLOWERS, so dont worry.

    I really need to know how toxic the shit actually is & how long the plants need to be isolated away from people and pets after spraying. I also need to know if i can spray in the grow room or if it is wise to take the plants elsewhere, maybe even outside. Really I'm just really hoping for a first hand point of few to guide me through.

    If anyone could help a brotha out, i would be very grateful

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    It's not designed or approved in anyway for use on cannabis

    It's irresponsible to use pesticides/miticides/fungicides in an incorrect manner as it is dangerous and creates high levels of resistance

    Plenty of organic products on the market that are being approved for use on cannabis by the legal states

    Look up what you are using for proper PPE specs, you will be a little shocked with what you find

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    I havn't used Avid but I have used Forbid 4f. I would imagine you should use the same application method.
    1. Wear long sleeves and pants. cover up good.
    2. Wear an appropriate respirator that fits well.
    3. wear rubber gloves.

    I turn off the lights and fans and start at the top of plants and work my way down. Avoid spraying too much, creating lots of runoff.

    When your done wash your clothes separately and shower. Stay out of your room for a day.
    MMJ Dreaming 99

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    This. Make sure long sleeves, gloves and respirator. If you have cloth shoes - wash those too. Also you can get a face mask shield hood at Harbor Freight for $4.00.

    Forbid is expensive but you can get cheaper broken down 1 oz versions on eBay. You use 1 ML per gallon of water so 1 oz is good for about 10 sprayings. Do not use after 3 week of flower. It is usually good for 4 weeks of protection. In Flower - use spinosad.
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