Why do some people struggle with bongs?


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Anybody else remember that article from years back about why bongs are actually bad for you? Apparently by cooling the vapor they make it more comfortable for you and you end up keeping the smoke in longer than is useful and end up doing more damage to your lungs because of it. Personally I still use a bong from time to time, but joints are daily. Also remember reading a debate on another site which basically said that all the cannaboids that your lungs can absorbed are absorbed within seconds and holding smoke in for any longer is just damage. Remember reading some pretty impressive "scientific" reasoning behind the arguments but again I don't really care, not trying to conserve weed by holding a lung of it till I almost black out.
True - but try this -- Time how long you hold it after your next big hit - you might be surprised how long 3 seconds can be when your lungs are full of smoke.

Back in the day I prided myself in not coughing after clearing a four footer; free diving & youth gave me huge lungs.

These days I like simple:
Bongs that have "just enough" in the chamber, don't get my face wet, and are easy to clean.
I stopped going to max capacity a long time ago - taste is awful when you pull a few liters at a time, and hypoxia from coughing = headache.
I prefer 1 hit bowls that I can taste without coughing to ruin the exhale.
Or my Vapor Bros. - the high is almost too clean with that rig!
For on-the-go, I always have cheap pipes - my local dispo has 4" glass pipes for $6 USD