Why is my auto seedling looking odd?


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You don't need to run 2 lights for 1 seedling. Use your smaller light, only. Plus, sellers exaggerate wattage on lights. Check to see what the actual wattage is, pulled from the wall, on each light.


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I have one other seedling next to it that is not an auto. Is it bad to run too much light? How do I find out the actual wattage? Thanks for the quick responses!

Soul Dwella

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Rookie opinion here. Lots of seedlings start off as ugly ducklings. I think she's fine. IMO 1500 watts of LED power is very excessive for some seedlings, autos or photo.


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Thanks guys I’ll try and keep photos going throughout the next few days.
Im also running 24/0
May have to grab myself a timer to get a bit of darkness going.
I’ve just always vegged under 24hrs of light.
Do you guys think I’ll be okay if my humidity is cruising around 40%?


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So one of the lights I have is off of Amazon.

KEEGROW 600W LED Grow Light Double On/Off Switch Full Spectrum Grow Lamp, with Daisy Chain Function, Hanging Hook, for Indoor Hydroponic Plants Vegetative and Flowering https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07VFNQ6YN/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glc_fabc_2-5aGbZBWGCFE

the other is a “1000 watt LED” that came with the cheap grow tent I purchased on eBay which I’m sure they are full of shit on. I’m hoping these lights will be able to pull me through on 2 plants. I also purchased a smaller strip grow light from Home Depot that I will use for side growth as the plants get bigger.


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Without a complete grow setup list , I am seeing some issues.

1. Be aware that those light panels are not even close to claims of actual power.
2. Seedlings need very little up front ( as cotyledon leaves provide early nutrition)
3. Spring water can run TOO ALKALINE [ 7.3 to 8.3 or higher ] , way out of whack for use.
4. One panel would suffice for early seedling
5. How high above are lights over seedlings ?
6. You can “ dome “ the seedlings to compensate for current low Rh


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What would be my best source of water?
The tap water we have here is absolute garbage.
I do not have a reverse osmosis system either.

thanks for the tips on humidity guys I will try some different things.