why my plants are so lanky please


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I had a 300w purple LED but have literally just changed it to a 600w white LED. Hoping that makes a difference. I’ve got the light about 12inches from the top of the bigger plant and about 20 from the smaller one


What is your 600w white led model? Just because I'm guessing it's not a true 600w. do you know how much the power draw is?

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That sucks brother, Another dishonest LED company. They’ve been misleading people for years. Hopefully you can find a use for that little light once you get a better one to replace it. Check out the HLG kits, they seem expensive but they do as they claim if not better. My 600 pulls 620w from the wall.

That said, that broken English description should have been a real warning flag for you....


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Thanks for al advice, so I’m ussuming if I carry on with this light I’m not gonna get much yield. As I’ve bought it and I’m getting the electric free I’m just going to carry on with it until I can afford a better light. So how much do you think I could yield from this light if I get everything else right?


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That said, that broken English description should have been a real warning flag for you
Unless they are a credible company, the description usually falls short with mom & pop or just plain old rip-off artists.

I'm going back to school for Digital Marketing. That also incorporates Copyrighting. This is a form of Copyrighting (Descriptions, Warnings, etc.)
When a company does it themselves they usually try to cut corners from paying professionals. Typos are the main thing to look for because that tells you that the person selling the item is more than likely the person who typed that information. Errors are a No-no because you are paid fairly well. A professional takes pay cuts but don't make the smallest errors and they go unnoticed. Whenever I'm reading a TOA, White Page, Warning label, or description of anything (and see Typos), I look at the product again and then read reviews. There is no such thing as, oh, I don't make mistakes, or I as a professional doesn't use a spellchecker locked in on my desktop when I'm working. I also do content marketing on the side. This is all part of the game. Do your research when purchasing items of any magnitude. DIY items are normally going to have typos cause it's a person running his/her business from the ground up (I overlook it in this case).

and there goes my 2 cents...lol


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It says on the second page "actual wattage = 100 +-5%" so yeah, that is a 100 watt light.

You need more light.

This is a true 600 watt LED light: https://horticulturelightinggroup.com/collections/all/products/hlg-600-rspec
The guy is growing two little plants in what looks like a 2x2, he doesn't need actual 600w of LED dude. A good quality 150-200W would be more his size.

OP, it's not the best light, but 100W is workable for one or two small plants, just don't expect a lot. You're not going to get massive yields from it, but it will grow something. Keep the light on 24hrs while you veg. Save up and get something better when you can. I grew smokable bud with far worse my first time.