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    What up rollitup fam...
    I got an auto PK going right now in the final stages of flowering. So let me explain, before I started growing her I had a single seed that turned out to be a female of some really good bud, mystery strain. Grew her to completion while I was growing her I sprayed one of her bud sights with this hormone that's supposed to pump steroids into that one bud sight and make just that sight grow male ball/bananas whatever you want to call it.

    So I'm growing and I get pollen out of the bananas put it in a little Tupperware container and freeze it.

    Fast-forwarding to when I start growing this female Auto pk, I end up seeding her when she started flowering and this brings me to my question because she's a auto flowering plant will that trait transferred into her children as well as the female trait. Or will her children just end up being female like it says on the hormone instructions???

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    If the pollen was from a female youll get all female seed, if the pollen was fom a photo X back to a auto U should get 25% auto seed & 75% female photo, but theres no way of knowing whats what, to the best of my knowledge

    Theres a thread on here called " a guide to colloidal silver " its fairly old but a great read & heaps of imfo there
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